Walleye Fishing Tips: Catching Walleye Is Easier Than You Thought

Of all the fishes all over the world, walleyes are the most popular creature that all fishermen wish to catch some. For those who love fishing, catching the biggest walleye may be their great expectation.

So, what are they? How to catch these fishes? Today, let’s explore how to hunt this challenging fishes. Understand everything about walleye, and break into our comprehensive fishing guide for walleye now.

And, what are the best walleye fishing tips? Here, what we want to share about walleye are:

All things to know about walleye

Walleye is called sander vitreus in terms of its scientific name. Canadians call them as pickerel. No matter what these fishes are called, they are still distinguishable and stand out from the majority.

Read on to know about their appearance, habits, locations, etc. Let me tell you:

What does walleye look like?

Walleye are easy to identify thanks to their big shiny eyes. With distinct sharp spines and remarkable golden color, this fish is quite special. With large teeth, walleye are a real threat to smaller fishes, insects, and bugs.

A walleye can grow to the maximum (25 Ibs) with a big appetite. And, these creatures are always ready for a fight.

walleye fishing tips

What are its habits and their living habitat?

Are you curious about the habits of walleye and their living environment? Here’s the deal:

Muck like all others living beings in the world, walleye also choose their living space which they adapt to. During the winter, they always live in the open water in 25-30 ft. The temperature gets higher in early spring.

As a result, they will move to 10-20 ft. range to spawn, especially at night. These fishes love hiding in dark or low-light areas. And, they just appear at night for food. In the mid-summer, they can be found in 15- 25 ft. of water during daytime

And, at night, walleyes appear in shallow water or open water. Natural lakes, river & streams are the common locations of this creature. Fish near river mouths to find post-spawn walleyes.

Rocky shorelines or windward shores are also a good location for walleye fishing.

The best time to catch walleyes

Most of every season is sometimes helpful for catching walleyes. In early spring, come to the Rocky Mountains at about 50 F degrees. Walleye often go on to eat frenzies in the morning or sunset in this season.

In the fall, walleyes will find the locations with more oxygen, especially the stream’s mouth. At night, you can reach them at 1-3 feet water depth. You just have to fish just in couples of feet for walleyes. Walleyes are also found in early morning too.

Preparation for walleye fishing

Different fishing types are dealt with in different ways to tackle. For walleye, the proper fishing setup is the most important to the outcome. Besides knowing how to catch walleye, good preparation is the first condition for good catch.

You may be wondering: What should be concerned when fishing walleyes? Here you are:

How to choose the best walleye fishing rod

Not too light or heavy rods are the most suitable for catching walleyes. For people who fancy trolling, medium or heavy rods may be perfect. Make your choice among these common walleye fishing rods below:

  • Light-rated fishing rods: This type of rods allows fishermen to carry 2-8 pounds of line, hook, and fishes. And, more precision is enabled which is good for beginners.
  • Spinning Rods: These tools are designed for light to medium walleyes. Bend them easily without sudden breaking. The great flexibility can help you have the best fishing results.
  • Casting Rods: Choose medium-rated ones to hold the overall fish’s weight.
  • Jigging rods: This is more than perfect for bottom-dwelling walleyes. Increase your chance of success now!

Choose the best reel

The best fishing reels are ones that match with your choice of fishing rods. Keep an eye on the following ones in case you take care of the issue. For spinning rods, choose spinning reels. Casting rods need bait casting reels, of course.

Anglers who are utilizing jigging rods, purchase jigging reels, and people who like to troll, it’s time for hook up with trolling reels

What are the best lines?

Anglers must take this issue into account since the weight of bait, lures, and sinker are related to the average walleye’s weight. Consider buying yours among the diverse fishing lines are essential.

For light or medium rigs, monofilament lines are ideal for a weight of 6-8 pounds. And, for heavy rigs, choose ones with 10-14 pounds in weight limit. For spinning and trolling, fluorocarbon lines are completely perfect.

How to choose bait & lure

For the best bait, we have 3 common choices for you. They are crickets, worms, and crayfish. Let’s make your certain agreement before purchasing anything. Lures also have various options for you to select.

Jigs and spoons will help attract the attention of fishes while minnow-shaped plugs are the main food sources for walleyes. Artificial worms also provide movement to attract the underwater species.

How to choose the most appropriate hook

Honestly, on the current market, we can find tons of fishing hook available. Therefore, you just have to decide what to purchase without much consideration.  Select ones with a recommended size from 2/0-5/0.

Also, try to own a set of hooks in different sizes to be offered the best success. Some famous hook options for you are a wide gap, worm, and soft-lure hooks. Just make your best selection.

How to choose fish finder

Choose a portable and reasonable-priced fish finder to increase the precise when catching walleye. Appropriate frequencies are an extremely important element to concern before going shopping for the gear.

The frequencies at 50, 83, 192, and 200 kHz are the best for walleye fishing. And, choose the ones with high resolution too to define where fishes are locating.

How to catch walleye fishes effectively

Actually, this specific fishing guide should better end up here with the main part. Anglers can’t stop their hobby, that’s why we focus our attention on this part. And, here, you can find amazing tips to catch walleye too.

Today, we would like to share some best tips and tricks for catching walleyes. Now:

Fish where various walleyes live in

This premise seems incredibly simple, but it’s just half a battle. Come to find the living space of walleye; it may be a stream or nearby lake. The higher the number of living walleyes is on the lake, the better the chances help you catch them easily.

Some other factors affect the results too such as the bottom structure and the lake size. Well, that’s okay.

Define by season the places walleyes hang out

Generally speaking, it’s time to think about shallow water. In any lake, you can easily find walleyes in 12 to 18 ft of water. Some will be discovered in 6 to 8 feet. These ranges may become shallower at nighttime, in the evening, and early morning.

To be honest, the best early walleye fishing season is from shore or off docks at night. Remember to do it right for catching the highest number of walleyes.

Copycat? Why not?

If you go fishing with some of your best friends or some professional fishermen, you may see they catch the fishes easily and in a very short time. He/she may succeed consistently. Therefore, just mimic their actions exactly.

These underused activities may bring you the unbelievable experiences ever. And, remember to use your best bait, rig, and presentation to the maximum. Good luck!

Use proper fishing gears

As mentioned in the middle of this article, we show you the most significant features of the best fishing gears. Based on the shown details, let’s shop for the most unique and powerful gears to do with. At least, you should have the basic fishing equipment.

Appreciate the loose

Sometimes, everything seems not to go right with an angler. And, you will have to learn and appreciate that truth. Waiting for too long without any fish biting? That’s normal. Keep calm and catch fishes instantly.

If luck doesn’t come to you, don’t get angry.

Learn the proper trolling techniques

For walleyes, trolling is the best technique, especially for unfamiliar areas. Learn how to troll to cover the huge water in minimal time. Trolling now is not just lining, casting a crankbait. Today, we can see a lot of differences to help the outcome.

Learn how to catch walleye to become the most outstanding anglers in the world!

Word records for walleye catching that you shouldn’t ignore

You are probably wondering: What are the best records for walleye catching? This is an essential part of IGFA. Let’s see how the records were broken through the whole long history. It’s fishing time, humans!

Mabry Harper – 25-pounds

In 1960, people saw Mabry Harper having caught a big 25-pound walleye fish in iconic Old Hickory Lake of Tennessee. Of course, this became a highlight in the books for a long time ahead.

Al Nelson- 22 pounds & 11 ounces

Greers Ferry Lake brought good luck to the lucky fisherman, Al Nelson. On March 14, 1982 night, he got hooked into something like a log. But then, it created a big fight against his angle.

After 20 minutes struggling with the fish, the anglers landed an over 22-pound monster. This fish is the second biggest walleye ever caught. This is evidence for the good production of Greers Ferry Lake with oversized walleye.

Plan your next fishing trip to this worth-checking lake if you want to discover a beast.

Pete Gleason- 19 pounds & 13 ounces

Unlike normal lake walleye fishing, the brave man, Pete Gleason caught this beast off the shoreline. After a 20-minute fight, he landed with this giant beast. As we can see, nights are good for walleye catch.

Mark Wallace- 18 pounds & 4 ounces

The 1980’s is the time for many giant walleyes caught, but this event stood out from others. Mark Wallace struggled for around 15 minutes on North Little Red River to gain this big-sized fish. It’s time to start your trip now to break all records.

Bottom Line

Walleyes may be your excellent catch with a little bit of good luck and the favorable conditions. However, for those who just enter the world of fishing, the action may be somehow challenging. The fight underwater seems to continue for longer while time is flying.

How to catch walleye successfully?” may be quite tricky for beginners. However, with all the problems provided, we believe that you will be better at catching the biggest walleyes ever in a minimal period of time.

Let’s stay on the bite with our enlisted guide! Try to locate the fishes, use the best fishing gears, and make use of our tips for successful walleye catch to put all walleyes together in your fishing bucket. Have fun! And, good luck!

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