Types of Fishing Reels: Which One Should You Choose

There are millions of people who do fishing for business or for pleasure but either way they know how important of choosing the right kind of reel for the job. There are so many types of fishing reel available in the market, and each one was created for a specific purpose and with specific experience in mind. So if you are thing what difference would it make if you choose just any reel then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only choosing the right reel is important, but it is also essential to choose the right reel that will work well with the rod you’re using. By doing so, you’ll get the best fishing experience, exactly how you are supposed to.

So if you are new to fishing and looking to assemble your fishing gear but don’t know which reel to get, then you are in the right place. We’ll provide you with proper information that will make it easy for you to understand which fishing reel with suit your fishing style.

The Top Three Reels

There are three main types of fishing reels that are famous and widely used. The similarity between these is that all three of them works on the same principle and that is casting a line to the desired location. Other than that, they have different features and functions that complement the different fishing style.

Spincast Fishing Reel

spincast reels

Spincast reel is the top choice for amateur anglers and kids, who are starting to learn fishing. Because they are easy to use and they have easy setup hence, take less effort to operate. Spincast reels are like spinning reels, but the difference is that the line is shielded by a plastic cover that prevents entanglement of the line. Also, there is a button at the back of the reel that you use when you want to cast the line. The buttons allow the line to unspool freely. Spincast is the least expensive reel.

Spinning Fishing Reel

spinning reels

Spinning reels are the most famous fishing reels. These are versatile and easy to cast and can be used for many different angling settings. Spinning reels are mixed in a sense that the reel hand below the rod, in a parallel way. Spinning reels work on an open-faced design, and they have as much power as a baitcasting rod but are far easy to use. These reels are mainly used for casting lighter baits, and the casting capacity is quite good and accurate. Spinning reels are perfect for a variety of skill levels.  

Baitcasting Fishing Reel

baitcasting reels

Baitcasting fishing reels are used for advance level of fishing. The design of this reel is also far advanced than the other two types. Amateur anglers cannot use this reel because it requires skills and a lot of practice to cast the line properly. They are especially a hit in large fishing games because they work well with light-weighted line and depend on the heaviness of the lure for casting. Once you master using this reel, you’ll get the most accuracy and distance. They are also great for fishing larger fishes because of its powerful retrieve. However, with this much power, it is prone to line entanglement and backlashing, and it is costly from the rest.

Other Fishing Reels

Above mentioned were the most common reels on the market. However, there are many other reels available as well, which have their specialty and offers excellent features. Here are some of them:

Surf Fishing Reel

surf fishing reels

Surf fishing reel is used for saltwater fishing. The reason for this is surf fishing reels are covered with a corrosion-resistant substance that prevents them from getting damaged by the saltwater as other reels would. These reels also have sealed elements that prevent sand and salt from getting inside the mechanism of the reel.

Center Pin Fishing Reel

centerpin reels

Center pin reels use the most basic reel technology, with a free-spinning system and no drag. This type was probably the first-ever fishing reel design, which is why it is famous among some anglers. However, they cannot be used by beginners because these reels are hard to cast. To achieve a successful cast it requires some manual line maneuvering, which requires some practice.

Offshore Fishing Reel

offshore fishing reels

Offshore fishing reels are the same as surf fishing reels because they have super saltwater resistance that protected the reel from corrosion. The only difference between these two is that their design for different water depth fishing. Offshore deals with a different kind of water and fish, so that’s why they are designed in such way to do heavy-duty fishing.

Fly Fishing Reel

fly fishing reels

Fly fishing reel is a part fly fishing gears as they are used to balance a fly rod. They are manufactured in two different ways. First one is pre-cast which are heavier but less durable and provides just as much effectiveness as the other one but at affordable price.

The second style is machine reels that are carved from a solid piece of metal; hence; the durability level is greater than the first one, and it is also lighter in weight.

Both of these fly reels work well in both saltwater and freshwater.

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