Few Simple Techniques for Tying Fishing Flies and Trout Lures

When it comes to creating fishing lures, it can seem tricky to learn how to make them. A few simple directions, though, can help you to quickly and easily learn how to make your lures for both fly fishing and trout fishing. Once you understand just how simple it is to make your lures, you will be able to land fish whether you are in a mountain stream or along a coastal river.

A few basic materials are needed for making your fly fishing and trout fishing lures. First, you will need a few small size fishing hooks. Next, you’re going to need a good set of strong tweezers, some enamel paint, a paint brush, and some paint thinner. Finally, you will need some upholstery thread, feathers, beads, latex gloves, a pair of scissors, and some epoxy resin. With these things together, you can begin to make your fly fishing and trout fishing lures.

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How To Do Step-by-step

The first step in making a fishing lure for fly fishing or trout fishing is to fit a bead over the end of the hook. Then slide the bead up until it reaches the loop at the top of the hook where the fishing line is tied onto the hook.

The next step to making a fly fishing lure is to use the epoxy resin to glue a feather to the side of the hook. This step will simulate an insect’s wings and legs when the lure is finished. Before working with the epoxy resin, we recommend that you wear the latex gloves to prevent any possible allergic reaction to the epoxy.

Now, tie the upholstery thread around the hook just behind the bead. Then wrap the thread around the hook, making sure to go between the quills of the feather so that parts of it will be sticking out to simulate an insect’s wings and legs. Use the tweezers to hold the hook as you are wrapping the thread around it. Make sure when you get to the bottom of the hook to firmly tie off the upholstery thread. Then use the pair of scissors to cut off any excess thread.

With the upholstery thread now wrapped around the hook, use the enamel paint and paintbrush to paint a small circle on either side of the bead to simulate an insect’s eye. At this point, the lure should be finished. The only thing that might remain is to paint the wrapped thread a different color if you desired to make it look like a specific insect. Once you finish painting the lure, use the paint thinner to clean your paintbrush thoroughly.

Final Verdict

By following these few simple steps, you can quickly learn how to make your fishing lures. Then the next time you go into the mountains to hike or the next time you go boating, you can take your fishing gear with you to get lunch.

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