How To Make A Simple Fishing Spear

One of the essential tools that any anglers could have is a solid fishing spear. A fishing spear can be used not only for fishing but also for hunting small game. The very best fishing spears are made of a powerful piece of wood with a metal spearhead. It is possible to create your fishing spear from a few recycled materials in a couple of hours.

To make your fishing spear one of the first things you will need are two or three metal points. These can usually be obtained from a damaged bike wheel by removing the spokes from the wheel and then straightening them. The metal spokes obtained this way provide strong metal points that are ideal for spearing fish and small game. The next thing you will need is a straight stick with a Y-shaped end piece. Finally, you will need a knife, a small fire, and about 2 feet of twine. With these materials together, you can quickly fashion a good quality fishing and hunting spear.

simple fishing spear

The first step to making a quality fishing and hunting spear is to shape the straight end of your Y-shaped stick to a point using your knife. This point serves to help keep a fish or animal on the spear once you caught it.

The second step to making a good fishing spear is to place the pointed end of it into the fire. Allow the fire to begin to burn the pointed end. When this occurs, remove the spear from the fire and extinguish the pointed end of the spear. Now use your knife to remove any charcoal from the pointed end of the spear. Once done, you will have a fire hardened point on your spear.

spear for fishing

The next step involved in making your spear is to place each of the metal spokes around the point of the spear at three different points to where the top of the spear has three spearheads coming off of it. Then use the twine to wrap around these three spearheads and attach them firmly to the spear. At this point, your fishing spear is ready, and you can use it for fishing or hunting small game.

In total, it should take you no longer than about two hours to build your fishing spear completely. With your fishing spear finished, you should find it much easier to catch fish the next time you are out hiking or camping. By making this spear, you will be able to enjoy a nice trout dinner instead of the latest freeze-dried meal.

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