How to Repair Your Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Baitcasting reels are subject to rust and corrosion of the metal parts so always take care to keep the reel well-lubricated. A quick wash with some freshwater after each use will also keep this reel in good condition. The most likely things that need fixing on a baitcasting reel are worn drag washers and broken springs. Taking the reel apart to replace these items is not very difficult, but it will go much smoother if you keep track of removable parts in the order in which they were removed.

repair baitcasting reel

How to Repair a Baitcasting Reel Step-by-Step

  • Remove the screw on the handle of the baitcasting reel. Loosen the handle nut with the wrench that came with the reel when you bought it. If you don’t still have the wrench, use a 10mm nut driver.
  • Remove the handle and the drag washer. You will recognize this washer because its shape looks like a star. Beneath this star drag is a cylinder-shaped collar. Remove that as well.
  • Take off the outside screws found on the right-hand plate of the reel. Remove the left side plate and the left side spool. Set aside in that order so you can easily put it back together.
  • Locate the two upper bridge screws. These screws will be threaded at just one end, and you can find them on the right side plate. Remove the two lower bridge screws. These screws are fully threaded. Turn the right side plate over to locate the brass bridge holding the main gear.
  • Remove the bridge and the main gear. Doing this should cause two things to pop out. One is the dog spring, and the other is the dog ratchet. If they pop out, they should come loose with a firm shake.
  • Take the main gear off the bridge shaft. You will find round drag washers and around spring. Check for damage, and if you don’t see any, you can clean with water and lubricate with household oil before reassembling.
  • Replace damaged washer or springs if needed. Reassemble the bridge shaft. Replace the dog shaft and the dog spring and position the gear mechanism to hold those items in place. Hold the bridge tightly with your thumb and align with bridge screw holes. Reassemble all screws.

Final Words

The most crucial part of fixing a baitcasting reel is to keep track of how it was disassembled. Repairing the reel is relatively easy. Putting it back together can become more frustrating if you don’t set aside the parts in order as you take the baitcasting reel apart.

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