Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV Review

Any angler must be dying to find a capable device that can help them have a view underwater so that catching fish can be easier. However, such as task cannot be done easily. It’s hard for an amateur, and even professional, to differ the reliable ones from the scams. Read the Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV review to find out whether it is the thing you are looking for.

What can I say about the fish finder in short? Well, it’s an award-winning device, has the high-speed tracking capability, and gives amazing resolution while underwater. The controlling is well simplified, pretty fool-proofing.

Amazing features of Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV – All you need to know

There is a good bunch of significant features I want to say, but to let you get to know the device in the shortest period of time, I will only name some.

Single-channel CHIRP DownVision Transducer

The transducer’s job is to deliver sonar signals from the depth of 600ft to the screen. What’s more, it also displays the temperature under water. The minus point is that it cannot send high-quality results at a greater depth, or cover a large area. The transducer is ideal for anglers who prefer accuracy. The Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV is ideal for fishers with a tight budget, who want a backup fish finder to work along with the main one.

raymarine 4 fish finder

GPS & Cartography

Unluckily, Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV isn’t integrated with GPS. In the package, there is only the sonar device, but if you want to find a compatible GPS to work with it, you can get one in any shopping site. Or else, you cannot see the location and the speed of your vessel.

Also, the fish finder doesn’t have a micro SD card reader, so you can’t have upgraded charts and map expansion. 4DV also does not offer the function of saving tracks and waypoints. The data can only be seen while you are fishing.

The aforementioned lacks are not so serious if you don’t care about setup and customizing your cartography.

raymarine 4

Digital display

It’s the best feature of the model. 4DV’s display is totally one of a kind. The 4.3-inch HD LED-backlit gives you the best visual effect in most weather conditions, no matter it’s dazzlingly sunny or terribly misty. That means you can locate the targets in any types of water. All the data sent by the transducer will be seen clearly owing to the piece of tech.

The small screen, however, can make somebody hesitate to make the purchase. However, the number of UI elements is quite low, so the modest size makes the images clearer.

Why should you choose Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV

The device lack many features you may see from another fish finder, such as built-in GPS, mobile connectivity, micro SD reader, etc. But it’s still worth buying. You may not pay attention, but there is a wide range of fishfinder without the functions. What makes people love them is their ability to locate fish, and Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV is doing a good job in the term.

You should choose the model if you need a simplified and effective fish finder. When it doesn’t have the aforementioned features, the price is more favorable. If you have a tight budget, it’s your ideal choice. Or you can buy the device to be a backup when there is an emergency. It’s compact, so you don’t have to worry about the amount of space it will take in your gear container.

Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV review

Or, if you really need the optional features, but you also love the brilliance of Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV, you can choose the Dragonfly 4PRO. It’s pretty identical to 4DV but contains more amazing functions. The price, of course, is higher. The Dragonfly 5PRO is a reliable choice, too, which has a larger displaying screen.


  • CHIRP DownVision sonar transducer that can locate fish from the depth of up to 600ft
  • No further setup needed
  • The color screen gives you a better view underwater
  • Works on all weather conditions
  • Provide various viewing angles
  • Big, clearly made buttons and menu selector


  • No inbuilt GPS, mobile device connectivity, micro SD card reader
  • Cannot work at great depths and large sites
  • Small displaying screen

The Bottom Line

Since a fish finder is necessary for every angler, and not all of us can afford a high-end device, Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV is a reasonable choice. Containing a wide range of user-friendly features that cope with most of a fisher’s basic needs, it has gained the reputation among our community. Think about buying the device if you want to have the perfect combination of sonar and navigation functions.

I hope that the Raymarine Dragonfly 4DV review is useful for you. Stay tuned and wait for our next reviews and tips.

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