How to Pitch Cast in Fishing

Pitching fishing may sound like a funny term, but it is a style of fishing. This method of fishing involves using short, underhand style ‘pitches’ to cast your lure and to pitch a type of cast that works well in close quarters, especially when overhead and side cover does not allow one to make a normal side or overhead cast.

You may have seen a largemouth bass pro fisherman on ESPN pitching to catch fish in really thick cover, although you might not have known that this is one particular way to catch fish. You are interested in learning how to pitch? Grab your fishing rod, and a practice lure, or just some extra fishing weights. Find an open area, preferably a field, or a large, empty parking lot, or, an open body of water. Be careful using weights to practice cast with, as they might come off and inadvertently fly through a glass window or damage someone’s paint job.

how to pitch cast in fishing

Stand as if you would make a regular fishing cast, and let out fishing line until you can hold the fishing lure in your left hand (these instructions are for right-handers, switch them around for southpaws) and keep the fishing rod erect with the other side. There will be about 4 or 5 ft of line dangling from the rod tip to your lure in your hand, make sure the line is tight at this point. Now, open the bail (if using a spinning rod), while still keeping the line tight, as if you were making a regular cast. Lower the rod tip, while pulling the lure back just enough to keep the line somewhat tight.

In one fluid motion, swing the rod up with a flick of the wrist, while releasing the lure from your other hand. When the line hold the lure has almost straightened out, as the lure is flying away from your hand, release the line you are holding at the fishing reel, allowing the lure to continue on its way to the water.

The trick here is to allow the rod to launch the lure out, and then release the line right before it gets too tight and flips the lure up, allowing the lure to zip out over the water. It’s all in one smooth motion, and the term ‘pitching’ comes from the fact that the fisherman looks like he is underhand pitching the lure out, as he releases the lure from his hand during the case.

pitch cast

The pitch is a very accurate way to cast, although it must first be mastered to allow one to operate with any such pinpoint accuracy. Practice aiming for targets or specific areas of your casting zone, and don’t stop pitching until you can drop your practice lure right on target. You’ll thank me for telling you to practice one you get out on the water and can pitch your lure up under any tree on the lake. Keep practicing until you truly get the feel of pitching, and start using it when you are out on the water. Tight lines and fish on!

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