Lowrance Hook 3X Review

Today, we will discuss a Lowrance Hook 3X review, a simple yet effective fish finder to consider when you’re out fishing.

It’s an incredible unit that helps to increase your opportunities of hauling BIG. Moreover, it’s easy to detect what is happening underwater. Relying on that, you are sure you’re casting the line in the right spot.

Lowrance hook 3x fish finder

Especially, the Lowrance Hook 3X boasts the broadband sounder details that make it easy to recognize targets, bottom contour, bottom hardness, structure details, and so on.

So, if you truly want to get the best fish finder, allow us to explain this product so that you can know it thoroughly.

Lowrance Hook 3X and its great features

Advanced Signal Processor (ASP)

Instead of using manual settings, this product comes with an Advanced Signal Processor that can perform all the job of discovery for you. It helps to sense the fish, structures, and depth with more visibility and details. Besides, it highlights the Pages button that allows you to change between 83 kHz and 200 kHz sonar frequency views.

Hence, what you should do is to drop it into the water in order to detect the fish within your surroundings. Another interesting thing is that you can pick out the reefs and recognize the fishes that are lurking.

LED-Backlit 3-inch color display

Thanks to an LED backlight, you can observe the display picture and use it during the night time without worrying. Furthermore, the screen is easy to read, even in the sunlight.

Lowrance hook 3x transducer

What’s more, it comes with a 3-inch color display that offers a clear picture of water as well as a 320 x 240 resolution, permitting you to know everything underwater.

Snappy sounder

We rather impress the Lowrance Hook 3X’s broadband sounder that helps to track the fish quickly and effectively. Also, it does the job of determining bottom hardness, bottom contours, structure detail, thermoclines, and even the fishes are lurking.

By notifying you what’s nearby, you can identify the environment with ease and follow to which it handles the details straight to the screen.

Patented Skimmer Transducer and Fish I.D

The transducer of this unit is designed with a built-in water temperature sensor that might detect bottom up to 75mph. Relying on that, you always get an alert to the changes that are happening in the water.

To be honest, Fish I.D is an excellent feature in the Lowrance Hook 3X review that we rather love. Instead of showing the fish as arches as discovered on other fish finder devices, this unit presents fish icons, letting you identify the fish targets easily. Above all things, it also includes alarm and track options.

Additional features

As outlined above, the display of this product is readable even in the direct sunlight and comes with a resolution of 320×240. It has 11 controls on the front including a keypad, power button, menu setting, frequency changer, and zoom keys.

The device will separate weak and strong echoes to distinguish between objects underwater. Besides, soft and hard returns are symbolized by yellow, red, and blue color lines.

Depending on the velocity of your boat, you also control ping speed to decrease interference coming from other transducers. Although it’s okay to use the default settings in normal conditions, you should tune them according to each particular requirement.

With the 83 kHz sonar option, this unit allows you to have up to 600 of conical coverage while the 200 kHz offers 200. Especially, the perks of winning the 60-degree coverage area will show the biggest fish arches and search for larger places. Meanwhile, the 20-degree frequency is excellent for enhanced lure-detecting and fish-targeting separation.

Why should you buy the Lowrance Hook 3X?

No matter what your purpose is, you will soon discover this product dependable, sturdy, and fun. It’s easy to use, install, and operate. Moreover, it works well for a huge range of ages and levels of experience.

The colorful screen makes underwater images clear and bright in all weather, where sunny or cloudy. Actually, we found some comments that this unit is appropriate in kayaks and small rental boats. Moreover, it’s described as a compact and travel-friendly fish finder.

The Lowrance Hook-3X permits you to focus on your target by separating fish from debris. That means you can view both data and menus without caring what time you’re fishing. Although it might detect up to 40mph, remember not to go overboard since anything over this number will stop it from operating correctly.

Lowrance Hook 3X review

With track and alarm options, the Pages button permits you to change between frequencies quickly. The backlight is adjustable over 7 levels. Although the mounting system is not powerful, it does work great if it is controlled appropriately.

Another BIG note is that this product lack wireless or Ethernet connectivity. However, as a self-starter, you will prefer to get a good grip on radar usage and techs.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Waterproof
  • Smoothly changes between the frequencies with a press of a button
  • Boasts ASP, allowing you to find fish quickly and automatically
  • Uses in both daytime and nighttime
  • Comes with track and alarm options, making finding fish easier
  • Ideal for fishing in small lakes
  • Includes LED backlit screen and high-performance broadband sonar


  • Sends inaccurate depth readings occasionally
  • It might lose signal as soon as you start moving
  • Instructions are a bit vague


As a whole, the Lowrance 000-12635-001 fish finder provides a lot of great features at an affordable price. Although it lacks GPS, if you don’t indeed need it, you will save more bucks. Operation and mounting are easy to use, and the kit also comes with all the necessary accessories.

Included with all essential functions, this unit is known as a great choice for inshore fisherman. Once you receive a good hold on frequency settings and other adjustments, you will love it for sure.

After reading our Lowrance Hook 3X review, will you agree with these ideas and decide to buy it? Of course, YES, right?

So, be quick to ORDER and bring it to your next fishing trip now!

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