How To Use a Baitcaster for Beginners

Baitcasting reels became famous in the 1870s, and since then it has been used by many anglers in recreational fishing as well as fishing competitions. This is a heavy-duty reel that can only be handled by anglers who have some experience and practice under their sleeves. Baitcasters have technology far better than other reels and not only using these will improve the accuracy and speed of casting the bait, but it’ll also increase your water coverage efficiency. The versatility of this reel is far better than other famous reels.

However, there are, of course, many things that you need to see before buying a bait caster and many things you to understand. Once you’ve got your baitcasting reel, here’s what you need to do first.


Assemble the Equipment for Baitcasting

The first and foremost thing in fishing is assembling the finishing gear. Choosing the right lure or bait, the right line and rod size and everything else along with it, should all be the things that complement each other and give you the best fishing experience.


Choosing the right kind of baitcaster is very important. Baitcaster uses two types of braking system for spool dispersion i.e., magnetic baitcaster and centrifugal baitcaster. Magnetic baitcaster is more approachable because the reeling system has an adjustable knob on the outside. But the major default with this is magnetic baitcaster is they are more prone to backlashing, which is why the approachability factor kind of doesn’t make any difference.

Centrifugal baitcaster however, is more like a car braking system. They are located underneath the side plates, and you can adjust them by adjusting through an inner pin. This baitcaster is far better than magnetic baitcaster because there is less risk of backlashing in it.

baicaster backlashing

How To Use A Baitcaster Step by Step

Step One:

The first thing you need to do is locate your braking system. The braking system decreases the spinning speed of the spool when you let the bait fly. This action prevents back lashing problems because then the speed of spool is similar to the dispersing line.

So if you are using magnetic baitcaster, you have to adjust the given knob. But if you are using centrifugal baitcaster, then you’ll have to remove the side plates of the reel to locate the braking system.

Step two:

The second step would be to adjust the braking system according to your needs. You’ll see two levers inside the centrifugal baitcaster. You can either engage the braking system by pushing these two levers towards each other or disengage it by pushing the levers against each other. If you are beginners, then it’s a good idea to engage the braking system, although disengaging it gives longer casting affect.

Step three:

 After setting the brake system, you’ll need to adjust the tension knobs. Tension knobs help maintain the tension going to the spool, which plays an essential role in the casting. The tension knobs are located beside the handles of the reel. Tension knobs come in handy when you cast the line and need the spool to come at a steady stop. The tension should be adjusted depending on the weight of the bait you are using, and to adjust it; you can either turn the knobs clockwise to tighten it or anti-clockwise to loosen it.

You can test the tension of the cast by holding the rod straight and disengaging the spool release button and then see how quickly or slowly the bait falls.  The bait needs to fall gently on the ground so if it falls too quickly, tighten the knob and if it doesn’t fall at all loosen the knob.

Step four:

Now grip your baitcaster, and to grab it properly hold the rod handle with your dominant hand and keep the thumb on top of the spool release button. Next, you’ll need to learn how to properly release the line because it ensures that your casting is excellent.  For beginners, it is advised to let the line hang for about 8 to 12 inches before casting.

After releasing the spool button, put the thumb on the spool to prevent the line getting too far. The casting should be whatever your signature style is.


Baitcaster reels are an excellent option for fishing, but if you are new to using it, it is going to take some time getting used to. Remember to use heavy brakes at the start because this will allow casting at shorter range; hence, it will prevent you from casting too hard and backlashing.

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