How to Fillet a Trout

Trouts are known to be one of the nutritious and delicious fish. If you go fishing for trout, be ready to face a good challenge because they are not easy to catch. Even the little ones give a good fight. Trout is an easy fish to cook, but if you caught a trout or bought a whole fish from the market then cleaning and cutting it would require some guidance, especially if you are new at it.

One thing you need to make sure is that you put the trout in the ice-cold water as soon as you catch it or buy it because letting it warm up can affect the taste of the meat. If you are keeping the fillets to cook later then put it in a freezer bag so that it doesn’t lose its freshness.

trout fillet

So here how what you need to do first:

Cleaning the Trout

1.    Put the trout on cutting board and de-scale it by scraping the backside of the knife from the tail towards the head of the fish. Do this on both sides until there are no more scales.

2.    Now you’ll have to separate the gills of the fish from its jaw. First, put your thumb in the gills of the fish, then insert the tip of the knife in the skin which holds the jaw to the rest of its body.

3.    Now lay the fish down and look for a hole near the tail of the fish. Insert the knife in that hole and cut the fish in half from the tail to the gills.

4.    Pinch the gills and remove them towards the tail. Remove the entrails of the trout.

5.    Run the inside of the fish under cold water to remove any blood or residue.

6.    You’ll see a mud vein inside the trout, near the spine and will look brown. Scrape out the vein using your thumbnail or the edge of a spoon, starting from the tail towards the gills.

trout fish fillet

Cutting the fillets

1.    To cut the fillets first pull the head of the fish backward so that the head will pop apart from the rest of the body but keep the head attached a little bit. This way it’s easier to remove the fins later.

2.    Peirce inside of the fish starting from its head with a fillet knife and work the blade towards the tail of the fish. Do this right underneath the ribs so that the bones could easily be separated from the fish and that you won’t waste any fillet. Flip and repeat the same thing when one side is finished.

3.    Now put the knife into the fish neck and work it along the spine, toward the tail. When one side is completed, flip the fish and do the same thing on the other side and cut open the fish. Separate the ribs from the fish and throw it away.

4.    Next, you have to remove the front fin and the head of the fish. Put the knife around the fish’s neck and cut everything all together.

5.    Run the fillet knife along the sides of the fillet to cut the dorsal fins and throw them away. Leave the skin on the fillet.

Enjoy your healthy meal. Yum

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