How To Catch More Fish In A Professional Way

If you are reading this article for the sole reason of catching more fish to impress your friends and feed your family, then you are in the right place. Early on we learned how to catch fish; we didn’t have any fishing guides, fancy fishing rods or great fishing lures. We didn’t even have a decent fishing pole.

But we caught fish almost every time we went fishing. After a while, we seemed to find top patterns that remain productive for us even today. You might say that when we were kids we were competitive and we would compete to see who would catch the most fish and who would clean them.

catch fish

The one who caught the least amount of fish, of course, had to clean them for dinner. So we had a vested interested in catching the most fish. Freshwater fishing was our specialty but with a bit of modification and know how the methods can be adapted to saltwater fishing also.

First, the weather plays an important factor in your fishing efforts; we happened to have a barometer on our wall. It didn’t have numbers on it but it did indicate when storms were likely. Meaning a drop in the barometric pressure for us said the fish would be hungry. Grandpa always told us it was because the fish had less pressure on their stomachs. So they wanted to eat. He told us lots of things, but we all know how to catch fish. I am pretty sure we learned it from him.

Top 3 Things Can Help You To Catch More Fish

Barometric Pressure

Anyway, we did notice if the pressure would drop we usually caught fish, but we did observe other factors besides the weather. But knowing the weather sure seemed to help our efforts. We watched the barometer and used it as a dam good excuse to go fishing. Not sure why we even needed one, because like I said we caught the fish cleaned them and ate them. We froze the rest and shared with people who wanted good fish.

Barometric pressure

Water Depth

Next, I would say the water depth, a sudden rise or fall in the thickness of the water you are fishing in can stimulate the fish to feed, or not to feed. We mostly fished rivers, but we have used this same principle with saltwater fishing. Tidal variations throughout the year can vary in feet. Some days the tides can change in feet from high to low, low to high. For sure we will find feeding patterns of certain species of fish that coincide with these known tidal fluctuations.

water depth

Couch Fishing

Along with the water depth, I would say the water current. You don’t have to know any fishing secrets to realize that some fish sit at the edge of moving water and let the food come to them, just like you guys sitting on the couch. So in honor of you, I will name this fish behavior or couch fishing. While some fish like to couch fish as you do others are on the prowl for food. They tend to go exploring along the shore under docks into the deeper holes etc.

catch more fish


So we’ve talked about three things that will help you catch more fish. They are:

  • Barometric pressure
  • Water depth
  • Couch fishing which is learning how to read the water where you fish.

After a while, if you pay attention, you may notice that you will catch more fish if you fish where the water is or isn’t moving a certain way. So keep watching and pay attention to the depth as well as the movement of the water. This method will increase your chances of catching fish!

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