Fly Tying: Creative Way to Make Your Fly Fishing Trip More Fun

Fly fishing is a fantastic pastime. It provides anglers of all ages the opportunity to fly fish for their favorite species in what is usually a pretty serene environment. A new offshoot of fly fishing is fly tying, which is the art of creating one’s flies. The most exciting thing about fly tying is that it provides the artist (the one tying the flies) the opportunity to use his or her unlimited creativity to either duplicate some common fly patterns or to create his or her versions. The possibilities are endless.

Most fly fishers will usually diversify by fishing various types of waters, locations, and species of fish. However, many of these same fly fishermen suffer from tunnel-vision when it comes to what flies they use regularly. Many of these anglers will turn to their tried and tested flies over and over again while giving very little or no consideration for new and, quite possibly, much more effective fly patterns or color.

fly tying creative

Believe it or not, many dry and wet flies that are commonly available today. People create them for a different purpose. For example, there are several warm water wet flies that were designed to catch temperate water fish species such as smallmouth bass but instead have become extremely popular salt-water flies. Most people, even many veteran fly fishers you run into, would never have guessed that! It certainly is right though.

The key to becoming a successful fly fisherman is to use the correct fly patterns when targeting your fish. However, a more important key to successful fly fishing vacations is to ensure you carry the broadest selection of flies that is possible. That means if you are a fly fisherman, you need to be creative when tying your flies. Be sure to think outside the box and visit the particular stream you will be fly fishing and turn over some rocks to see what kinds of insects and aquatic life you discover. Use this information and let your creativity run wild while tying your flies.

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Keep in mind that there are numerous fly patterns that you probably use more often than others and that these fly patterns can very easily be adapted. If you are a fly fisherman, take your blinders off, and you will be amazed at how much you can improve your fly fishing by merely becoming a bit more creative with the patterns you create while sitting at your fly tying desk!

Have fun tying and, remember, be creative!

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