Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar Review

Coming from the famous Deeper family, upgraded from Deeper Pro Smart Sonar, the Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar is truly a breakthrough among fish hunters. There are a lot of great features integrated into such as a small sphere, and you will be surprised at the improvements they make to the model. Read the Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar review, and make sure you are satisfied before heading to a shopping site.

Amazing features of Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar

Wireless Wi-Fi Connection

Different from the traditional fish hunters which demand hassles, namely wires, mounts, holes on the boat, transducers, etc., the model offer you the wireless Wi-Fi connection of 330 ft/ 100.5 m range. With the feature, you can easily connect the device to your mobile phone or tablet (which has an iOS or Android operating system) via an app. It will give you the information about fishing at your location.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

Compact, yet reliable

With the design of only 2.5 in (6.5 cm) in diameter and 3.5 oz (100g) in weight, Deeper Pro Plus is extremely mobile so you can take it everywhere. Despite the small look, the model is impressively tough and impact resistant, owing to the ABS construction.

Real-Time Bathymetric Mapping

Besides letting you view the lake maps, the model allows users to create their own detailed, highly accurate maps of the water’s bottom using the shore-fishing mode. The images will be sent to your smartphone or tablet, so you can observe the freshwater or saltwater environment from the screen. More amazingly, you can see the fish’s location in real-time.

Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar


Lakebook is a cloud-based data platform supported by Deeper to contain the bathymetric maps that are users produce when using the boat or shore-fishing mode. With the map treasures, users can easily review the previous fishing trips. Incomplete maps can be improved using the feature, too. What’s more, Lakebook can export data in the raw form, so fishers who have access to other mapping platforms can integrate the data.

Five-hour battery

Though working continuously for 5 hours after a single charge may sound impressive, Deeper’s fan is not overwhelmed. The two previous models offer anglers 6-hour battery. The manufacturer explains that the working time is shortened due to the GPS feature, but fish hunter users expect more from the Pro Plus.

Why should you buy it?

There is a good bunch of reason you should consider buying the model. First, the overall quality is impressive. The physical build quality can be compared with the best products from Silicon Valley. At the first look, no one may guess that the product comes from a company whose headquarter put in Lithuania. The design, especially the attachment points, give an impression that the smart sonar is tough and watertight sealed. Compare to the rest of the same category, Deeper Pro Plus is one of a kind. In the package, you will find a micro-USB cable for charging. It makes charging for Deeper’s fish finder much less troublesome.

Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar Review

Besides, Lakebook online data platform and the Fishfinder app significantly are well-done and clear-made. They may rival high-end fish finder’s supporting software. I want to give the Lakebook thousands of compliments. With the help of the map treasure, even when you catch nothing, you can still explore the bottom structure of the water. Using this platform, you can add to incomplete maps, import and export data. If only Deeper could give users the sharing function so fellow fishers can share maps and related information.

When fishing in the river or lake cannot satisfy you, you may try deep sea or even ice fishing. The model works in all kinds of environment, which means no matter you’d like to get a catch far away from the shore or in a freezing lake at the depth of winter, the device will help you. The sensors are versatile, giving the model the ability to work in both salt and fresh water.

Last but not least, it would be my thoughtlessness if I forgot to mention the amazing color mode. While most fish finders cannot give you clean displaying, the model lets you see the colored, detailed images of the fish, even when they are tiny. If you have a tablet with a large screen, the pictures’ quality will be better.


Impressive build quality

Wireless, strong connectivity with amazing casting range

Offshore-ready sonar depth

Built-in GPS

Simple, easy-to-access sonar app

Innovative Lakebook data platform


Limited battery life

Lack of night fishing cover


After reading the Deeper Pro Plus Smart Sonar review, I hope you have decided whether to buy the fish finder. With the modest price and brilliant features, Deeper is offering its customers such a bargain. Though there are still some improvements that should be done, we can call the model a success for the supplier.

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