Can You Eat Muskie Fish? Interesting Question Has Been Answered

Muskie or Muskellunge is one of the freshwater fish species, found in large rivers and lakes in North America. It belongs to the pike family and can prey on any fish, which is almost thirty percent of its own length. With an elongated body, Muskie has an average size of 6 feet. South Carolina, Georgia and West Virginia are the most known habitats of Muskie fish. Some anglers catch this fish just for entertainment. Now, the question is: Can you eat this fish? Yes, of course you can. But wait! Do you need more information? If yes continue reading our guide below.

How to catch Muskie?

Two major Muskie fishing methods are:

  • Trawling – Moving the net at the base of the water body
  • Angling – Use the lures for this professional technique.

We have more tricks for catching Muskie fish

Know the water body

Get an accurate map of your chosen water body, and this map has to show the contour lines and indicators. You will easily be able to trace out the appropriate spot for catching the fish.

Barbless hooks

For the easy removal, you may use these hooks.

Time for fishing

Late autumn and early spring seasons are the best time for Muskie fish anglers. Muskie remains active on the hotter months of a year.

Fishing line

Use the strong braided fishing line that does not break easily. The pound test has to range from 80 to 100. The large Muskies have sharper teeth, and thus, you have to take the right fishing line.

Size of lures

Muskie can eat any freshwater fish, rodents and frogs.The best lure size for Muskie anglers is 8 to 12”. However, this fish becomes very sluggish in cold water, and you may use crank baits or other smaller baits.

Muskie fish differs in look. The barred ones have dark skin, while others have green spots. Tiger Muskie has round fins. Thus, identify the Muskies for catching them easily.

can you eat muskie

How to cook Muskie fish

You can cook Muskie fish in three different ways.

  • Pan-frying 
  • Baking
  • Grilling

Pan-fried Muskie fish

It is very easy to pan-fry the Muskie fish. The ingredients, essential for this recipe, are:

  • Cleaned Muskie fish
  • Butter (one cup)
  • Lemon (1 piece)
  • Salt and pepper for seasoning

Steps for preparing the dish

  • One of the major tasks is to cleanse the fish with water. Then, cut the fish into the flat, small pieces.
  • Now, put those pieces into your bowl. Use lemon sap for seasoning the fish. Leave it for one hour.
  • Take a pan, add oil to it and heat it. Place your Muskie fish pieces on the pan. Cook the fish for 5 minutes.
  • Make sure that you have cooked all the sides of the fish. All the pieces will become brown in color after getting cooked.
  • Now, you can serve this pan-fried dish as the best recipe

Baked Muskie fish

The important items for cooking the fish in this technique:

  • Baking pan
  • Oven
  • Mixing bowl
  • Ingredients for seasoning

Steps for baking the Muskie fish

  • At first, preheat your oven (Set the temperature level to 150o C)
  • Clean your fish thoroughly. Then, you can slice it into the smaller pieces.
  • Place those pieces into your bowl. Toss it them with any ingredient, used for seasoning.
  • Now, take your baking pan to put the pieces into it. Heat it for 10 minutes.

Add sauce to this baked Muskie fish and have the taste of this mouthwatering dish.

Grilled Muskie fish

Cut your Muskie fish and then season it. Apply oil on your fish surface. At the time of grilling, you have to ensure the right amount of heat for the burned coal. Very high heat can burn your fish.

You can have this grilled fish for your lunch. You may also try out various other recipes with Muskie fish.

how to cook muskie fish

How do they taste?

Most of us have found the taste of Muskie fish, similar to that of a bass. Some people think that this fish does not have much flavor. However, the flavor and taste depend on the way you cook the fish. The boneless fillets of Muskie will never disappoint you.

To conclude, we have to say that you must be responsible and skilful to be a successful Muskie angler. Take the right tools for Muskie fishing session. You may also wear puncture resistant, protective gloves to manage Muskies. Thus, catch the fish and try out the delectable recipes with Muskie. With butter, lime, coriander, garlic and sauce, you can create various recipes for your meal.

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