5 Best Ultralight Spinning Reels for The Money Awards (Listed December 2018)

The ultralight spinning reel is the most excellent option for anyone new to fishing. For  recreational purposes, the ultralight reel offers a genuine blood pumping moment any time there is a catch.

Furthermore, there are plentiful reasons why this ultralight reel become the hot trend among other traditional types of fishing reels.

The angler don’t need to exert much muscle strength thanks to the long-lasting usage and good casting distance of the item. Also, the ultralight reel is suitable for a variety of fishing styles with either little or moderate fishing experience.

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Thanks to its lightweight, the spinning reel is a great option for an extended fishing expedition where you want to be mobile and pack as light as possible.

The ultralight option provides you with both straightforward setup and compact flexibility that allow you to bring with anywhere, from stream to shoreline fishing.

To pick up on this trend of fishing, the market at the moment is overflooded with various products of the ultralight spinning reel. You would agree that it will create a lot of confusion and hesitation for anyone who wants to get into fishing action as soon as possible.

That is why in this article, we have spent a good amount of time in researching the market to give you an extensive guide on the ultralight spinning reel.

After finishing reading, you will have a solid comprehension of what is an ultralight spinning reel, how to select the one that is suitable for your needs and what is the best kinds of reel available in the market at the moment.

How does spinning reel works?

Before understanding how a spinning reel works, it is essential to know about various kinds of fishing reels. Each type has their own traits and requires specific fishing gears and parts. They are Baitcasting reel, spin cast reel, conventional reel, and a spinning reel.

Unlike other types, a spinning reel is the easiest type to get into, especially when you introduce someone brand new to fishing. There is very little technique involved, and you can master the casting technique in a short time.

Just like its name suggests, all the spinning reels contain a rotating handle that when you rotate will spin the bail arms which rewind the fishing line onto the spool.

Spinning reel parts

The spool on the spinning reel, however,  is fixed and does not spin. It will move up and down to allow the line to be rewired evenly. It works this way so that the line will not be bunched up around the spool’s body.

When you cast with a spinning reel, you have to open the bail to release the line directly from the spool. After that, you will have to close the bail when reeling in so that the line can be guided back to the spool.

Reviews of top 5 ultralight spinning reels (hot trends 2019)

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

The Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is an incredible start for someone who wants to invest a small sum into fishing gears.

The most remarkable feeling of the Okuma Ceymar when you first got a hold of it is the ultra lightweight. And even though it appears small in size, it still delivers a competent performance that all the anglers with moderate experience can ask for.

From the outer glance, the body of the reel has a smooth and sleek looking, thanks to the brilliant Blade Body Design.

The reel uses a system with 8 bearing parts on elliptical design to create a steady motion for both casting and reeling.

Furthermore, at the core of the reel is the machined aluminum spool that creates a firm foundation for the fishing line to be rewound in. This part has been carefully made to last long, thus eliminating any fear of replacing the spool regularly.


  • Best price over performance on the market for spinning reel under 50$
  • Very lightweight with a solid design
  • Durable material with aluminum frame
  • Very easy to use and set up


Due to the small size of the spinning reel and the rod, there is a limited line’s capacity.

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Pflueger President Spinning Reel

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel is the state-of-the-art product for both casual and professional angler alike. You do not need any heavy experience to use this reel to land your first catch.

With the neat features of having the body made of corrosion resistant material, this reel is ready for any saltwater tackle and challenge.

Moreover, with the robust graphite frame body, the drag system in this reel is very reliable for bigger catch such as medium size trout or bass.

The Pflueger President Spinning Reel has proven to be a great fishing tool for any extensive fishing expedition. You are guaranteed to have a thrill for every single catch in various environments such as the stream, pond, river, and calm ocean.


  • The reel deploys a 10 bearing system, which is a very robust setup to allow maximum smoothness on the casting and reeling in.
  • Composite graphite material for the body and rotor to deliver the efficiency of an ultra-lightweight reel
  • The smart design of the Sealed Drag System also enhances the overall smoothness. Even the beginner can feel at ease when first introduced to this ultralight spinning reel.


Only one single spool is included with the product.

Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel

Daiwa D-Spin Ultralight Spinning Fishing Reel

If you want to get comfortable with a spinning reel with the market for a budget price, then the Daiwa D-Spin will be a fantastic choice.

The most remarkable feature to mention about the Daiwa D-Spin is the commitment to the lightweight category.

There is a version of the Daiwa D-Spin that is around 6 ounces in weight.  That makes it the top lightest spinning reel on the market; and for the competitive and affordable price as well.

Despite the small size and lightweight, the Daiwa D-Spin do not compromise on the performance. You can tackle any small species with an enormous feeling of thrill and excitement, especially if it is your first catch.

Thanks to the Daiwa’s Digigear System, the gear ratio is designed with 4.9:1 which optimizes the power and smoothness. You will never feel any slowness or lag during the line retrieval.


  • The best ultralight weight reel in the market, which is made to handle the smallest species.
  • The price is competitive and affordable for the new anglers who are looking for a new hobby.
  • The Daiwa System is exceptional for overall performance, drag system and casting.


Due to the under 6-ounce lightweight setup, this reel is not optimal to catch bigger fish compared to other ultralight spinning reels.

OKUMA Helios HSX-30 Lightweight Spinning Reel

OKUMA Helios Lightweight Spinning Reel

The Okuma HSX is the ultimate design to tackle both freshwater and saltwater environments.

All the different models of OKUMA Helios are engineered with a graphite and aluminum material, which guaranteed the lightweight that any angler seeks after.

There are four models in the market: the HSX-20, HSX-30, HSX-40, HSX-40S.

The OKUMA Helios HSX 30 is the very balanced model that comes with a fair price.

This spinning reel can offer a 125-yard line capacity with 10 pounds line strength. These casting distance and the reel’s power are an absolute fit for any medium-sized catch.

The drag of the OKUMA Helios HSX-30 is the top focus of this reel model. Every motion of the drag system is designed to deliver the smoothness as much as possible.

Any angler can instantly get the hang of the complete control over the casting, reeling, retrieval with ease.


  • Tremendously well-balanced among power, line capacity, retrieval speed.
  • The appealing price tag with a good value over performance ratio.
  • Incredibly good drag system that offers maximum silky smoothness.
  • The body is made of corrosion resistant material – ready for saltwater tackle


The spool is not fully sealed, which some angler might not prefer.

Shimano Sedona FI Freshwater Spinning Reel

SHIMANO Sedona Spinning Reel

The Shimano Sedona FI is both user-friendly and budget-friendly for amateur and pro angler. This brilliant spinning reel is an ideal fishing gear empowered by the HAGANE gear technology.

Similar to other reel models from Shimano, the Sedona FI is entirely overhauled with the HAGANE gear upgrade.

The long-lasting HAGANE material is cold forged to provide tremendous strength and durability, which can serve both inshore and offshore scenario.

What is important to mention is that this version of Sedona FI has also been readjusted with power and line capacity. With the gear ratio of 5.6:1, the user can enjoy the enormous strength that can overcome any big catch tackle.

The HAGANE imbued technology also keeps the weight of the Shimano Sedona FI under 6 ounces, which is definitively ultralightweight, given its robust and reliable performance.


  • The new HAGANE technology that pushes the quality and performance of the Shimano reel to the next level
  • The price of the Sedona FI is very affordable, especially for the entry level gear.
  • The new propulsion management system is impressive for greater casting distance.
  • The G free body technology is employed to shift the weight of the product closer to the angler’s hand, which offers more comfortability and reduces fatigues.


The cheapest version of Shimano Sedona FI is only suitable for the freshwater catch.

Great benefits of using an lightweight spinning reel

Enjoyable feeling

The most remarkable feature of the ultralight spinning reel is that due to the light gear setup, they make you feel any small catch challenging and fun.

Even when you land a small catch with crappie, bluegill, perch, etc. you can feel the enormous drag from the fish which makes it very exciting to reel them in.

Furthermore, you can catch a variety of tiny fishes, even the ones with the ratio of 1/100-ounce.

Low cost

Moreover, the ultralight gear is very affordable to purchase and straightforward to set up, regardless of whether you are a fishing veteran or an amateur looking for a new hobby.


Compare to the standard spinning reel; the ultralight one provides better portability thanks to its size.

You can effortlessly attach and detach the spinning reel from the rod during transportation or for cleaning and maintenance purpose.

Durable material

By definition, any spinning reel that is below 8 ounces belongs to the ultralight category.

Because of the lightweight, the spinning reel’s material is also reinforced to withstand the strong force and enhance the flexibility.

Moreover, the material is also made to resist salt water as well as corrosion.

Solid line control

With the ultralight setup, the reel often contains a fixed and open spool. This spool can provide good control over the fishing line.

It also helps with the maximum catch and the efficiency of reeling in a fish.

Easy to use

Anyone can get around the ultralight reel quickly. It does not take that much training in technique or muscle strength compared to other reels for a more massive catch.

Moreover, the light reel also allows anyone to cast the line to a decent distance, without causing any line digging or entanglement issue.

Tips to select the best UltraLight Spinning Reels before purchase

Now that you have read the views of the different ultralight spinning reel, this section will provide the essential checklist for the spinning reel to ensure that you got the best bangs for your buck.


It is the most important and critical element of any ultralight spinning reel.

By definition, any ultralight reel should not exceed 8 ounces in total weight. Make sure to check for the weight of your reel before you purchase.

More than 8 ounces of weight would defeat the purpose of being ultralight spinning reel.

Spool size

Compared to casting reels, spinning reels used fixed spools instead of rotating ones.

That is why it is crucial to check the size of the spool because it will determine how far you can cast your line.

It is a good idea to have backup spool just in case you need to increase the line’s capacity.

An excellent tip for spool selection is: deeper spools will allow longer casting distance. Wider spools will allow larger line’s capacity.

The Anti-Reverse

When you start reeling in a fish, the anti-reverse mechanism will help prevent the line from unrolling or unwinding of the rod.

This mechanism also allows you to avoid losing the catch with bigger fishes.


Because of the weight condition, the ultralight spinning reel is not produced from heavy elements such as steel or aluminum.

Instead, they are made from thin aluminum, graphite or other composite materials that can provide the lightweight as well as durability.

Remember to check if your spinning reel’s material can resist the saltwater. This is the critical feature if your catching game is saltwater tackles. This feature can also prolong the reel’s usage in the long run.

Compatibility With The Rod

The ultralight reel only fits well with the ultralight rod. This is very vital to keep in mind, especially if you are looking to purchase the entire setup.

If you could not find a matching ultralight rod or you do not know which one is the right fit, ask the manufacturer if they also sell the matching rod.

Buying the same rod and reel from a manufacturer will ensure the best compatibility. It will be a lot easier to set up. Moreover, if there is an issue, it will even be more comfortable to fill out the warranty or refund form.

Drag system

The drag system is the core element that delivers a smooth catch. Even when using a small line, you want the drag system to be able to pull in a bigger fish from around 1 – 2 pounds.

One way to test the drag system is to make sure it has little to no inertia when you start reeling in. That way you will have complete control over the drag range.


Remember that not all the reels use bearings. They can use inexpensive bushings to reduce the cost, but you have to replace them frequently. Check to know which one your reel use.

While there is no written rule of how many bearings should be enough for the ultralight setup, a rule of thumb often suggests a comfortable number from three to ten bearings.

Make sure that you also check for the material of bearings. The should also be shielded with corrosion-proof substance.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio is measured by how many turns the rotor with taking per one rotation. It will directly affect the retrieval rate. Always look for a high gear ratio number because you will need less power to reel in.

An ideal ratio should range from 4.5: 1 to 5:1 (which means the rotor will make 5 turns when you turn the handle one time)

Price range

The price of an ultralight spinning reel can rely on various factors such as material, brand name, combo with the matching rod, etc.

Nevertheless, there is always an ultralight spinning reel that fit any limited budget.

With all being said, the price range of the reel can vary from 20$ to 150$.


The handle is the part that takes a lot of stress when you reel in a big fish. Make sure to test the handle to see if you are comfortable with the handle design.

Give a handle a lot of twists and turns to make sure that it is not too rigid or too loose. Also, check the handle knob to see if it is too slippery when reeling in.

You do not want any unnecessary mishandle when you are trying to land the catch. Checking the handle before buying the reeling will surely benefit you in the long run.


Now you will agree with me that you already have a solid understanding of what is the ultralight spinning reel.

Our top 5 products in the market are hand-selected with careful research, and they are very competitive against one another.

Within the affordable price, any choice in these fantastic products will guarantee you endless hours of exciting fishing moments. If you are still not clear what your first purchase should be, then we have another simple tip to guide you.

First of all, you need to decide whether or not you want to fish in saltwater such as inshore or offshore.

The SHIMANO Sedona FI and Daiwa D-Spin is only a good option for freshwater while the rest of Okuma Ceymar, OKUMA Helios and Pflueger President will be a better choice.

If you want to be able to catch the tiniest species that can hide under mud water, the Daiwa D-Spin is the lightest option that will help you secure the catch with ease.

If you have no scenario or any fishing direction yet, then there is nothing could go wrong with a balanced and safe investment in the OKUMA Helios HSX-30. It is designed to give you the perfect equilibrium among power, line capacity, drag system, etc.

Last but not least, if you care for design and want to enjoy the latest fishing technology in newer products, the Okuma Ceymar or the famous SHIMANO Sedona FI will give you the best bangs for your buck.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an extra section with the most commonly asked question regarding all the ultralight fishing reel. Check to see if it covers any issue you might have.

Q: Is the ultralight spinning reel suitable for left-handed?

A: just like all the spinning reel in the market, it is very simple to adjust the reel for both right handed and left handed use. The user can take off the handle on one side and re-install in again on the other side.

Q: what is the matching fishing rod that is suitable with the ultralight spinning reel?

A: it really depends on the specific measure from the manufacturer. Make sure to check the measurement number on each particular spinning reel to choose the right one for your fishing rod.

Q: is the ultralight reel for freshwater or saltwater fishing?

A: check the material and specific guideline of each product. Normally, any fishing reel that is suitable for saltwater must have corrosion resistant components and material.

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