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In the 21st century, nothing is unaffected by the advanced technology. Fishing activities in the world are also changed with everything else. With the introduction of the fishing finder, the face of the sport has changed radically.

The first device was widely sold in 1959. So far, many generations of fish finder have been introduced to users. From the black-and-white screen devices to the now updated LCD monitor with large size.

If you are looking to invest in fishing, consider buying a fishing finder in my list of best portable fish finder below. First of all, let’s learn why you should have one under your belt.

The Reasons Why You Should Have A Fish Finder

It helps you to magically locate the fish

The name of this type of device has it all. Its most prominent feature is that it allows us to pinpoint the location of the anchovies of the reception and broadcast.

This is supposed to be a big step forward at the time the fish finder is developed. The traditional experience sometimes does not help the fisherman to locate the exact location of the fish. But with the stormy development of technology, nothing is impossible.

It can effectively give you an idea of the depth of the water

If you only have the need to go fishing in small lakes in the city or on the seaside, perhaps this feature is something that you will not use much. However, if you just hit the jackpot and decided to go fishing in places of greater depth such as Lake Baikal for example. You will not be able to know the exact depth of the water you are fishing with your naked eyes only.

This is where you need the depth determination feature of the fish finder. Not only can the location of the fishes be determined, but it can also display details of the depth of the current water.

It can find out hot and cool water zone

One obvious fact is that the behavior of the fish determines where they live. Some fish prefer to live in cold waters while others prefer warmer waters. Many fish finders with built-in GPS capabilities can accurately locate hot and cold waters. By understanding the temperature of the water, you will easily find the specific fish you want to catch.

Best Portable Fish Finder

Fish Finder is one of the most modern devices to help you on your journey to becoming a great fisherman. Of course, to meet the huge demands of the user, there are many types of fish finders that have been built. You can easily search for high-end machines that cost thousands of dollars or those with less than $ 200.

Among categories of the fish finder, many users prefer to use the portable fish finder. The reason comes from its neat and easy-to-navigate features. You can comfortably mount the device on your boat and use it flexibly. My complete list of portable fish finder below will give you some ideas about this kind of device.

Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy Max

  •  Screen: 3.5 inches
  • TFT screen; 256 color
  • Dual Beam Sonar Technology
  • GPS:  No
  • Easy to use menus

The first device I would like to introduce to you  is a product from the Humminbird brand. Humminbird Fishin ‘Buddy Max is a compact yet powerful device. The display of this device is shrunk to fit the purpose or move. At 3.5 inches, Buddy Max can display well in both day and night. However, the display quality of this screen is not high at all angles because it is only equipped with a TFT screen and display 256 colors only.

Due to the minimal functionality, the device is not equipped with GPS, but it only focuses on the finding function. For a cheap and compact device, I find this to be very reasonable. Humminbird Fishin ‘Buddy Max is equipped with Dual Beam technology providing excellent fish finding and structure identification features.

Another amazing point of this device is that it can be mounted or unmounted effortlessly thanks to its head mount, C-clamp, and its built-in transducer.


  • Easy to mount/unmount
  • DI technology
  • High brightness settings


  • Low-quality display
  • No GPS
  • Battery life is short

Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar G2

  • Screen: 5 inches
  • Resolution 800×480; 256 color
  • Sonar: 83/200 kHz
  • GPS:  No
  • Upgradable software

Another fish finder product comes from the Humminbird brand but has been improved with new features. Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar G2 is positioned at the higher segment compared to the Fishin ‘Buddy Max and was released in early 2017.

If you put Helix 5 and Humminbird Fishin ‘Buddy Max next to each other, this product is slightly larger but still very compact to carry with you. If the Buddy Max’s biggest shortcoming is its screen, the Helix 5 Sonar G2 comes with a nicer screen. With a size of 5 inches and a high resolution of up to 800×480, it’s sure to deliver an impressive user experience. Look at other products in the same segment, the device’s display has three times the pixel density.

Humminbird Helix 5 Sonar G2

The amazing thing about this product is that you can upgrade the firmware within it. Often, other products only allow you to use a system version without the permission to upgrade it. However, Humminbird has allowed the Helix series to achieve this capability.

Another nice feature of this product is the Instant Image Update. This allows the device to display the location of the fish in real time!

Garmin Striker 4

  • Screen: 3.5 inches
  • Resolution 480×320
  • Include an advanced CHIRP sonar transducer
  • GPS:  Yes
  • Waterproof (IPX7)

When you need to find a powerful but compact fish finder (please do not think of the iPhone with rubbish fishing apps), think of the Garmin devices. The Garmin Striker 4 is considered one of the best-selling models of the Garmin brand this year. It is not a high-end device. In fact, its price is less than $ 200. The user selects Garmin Striker 4 because it is very portable.

With such a compact device, what would you get? The Garmin Striker 4 is equipped with a standard 3.5-inch color screen. The resolution of this screen at 480×320 gives a good experience at this price range.

Surprisingly, with a compact and inexpensive device like the Garmin Striker 4, it is equipped with very advanced features. The CHIRP transducer (77 / 200kHz) with the ability to transmit a higher level of clarity compared to other transducers. Built with GPS, Striker 4 helps you locate your position easily as well as mark all the spots efficiency.


  • High accuracy GPS system
  • Enhanced CHIRP sonar transducer
  • Improved keypad operation


  • Despite having a good quality screen, it is relatively small


Fishing is one of the most exciting activities. With a good set of gears, you can enhance your experience to a next level.. Above is the list of best portable fish finder. Depending on your needs and goals, you should choose the products accordingly.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Like you, I always want to have the best fishing experience. Please share and share this article if you find it really useful and wish others to achieve such results too.

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