Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats 2019: Perfect for Your Fishing Trip

If you are already into freshwater fishing and watersports, then you would have been already familiar with an inflatable pontoon boat. Inflatable pontoon boats are the most preferred option when it comes to boating or fishing because they are extremely convenient. Once deflated, you can store it easily in the trunk of your vehicle and carry it everywhere you go easily. And most of the inflatable pontoon boards available in the market come along with a lot of fishing accessories.

Inflatable pontoon boats are the most affordable option when it comes to enjoy boating down the river and having a great time. If you are looking for buying the best inflatable pontoon boat but don’t know where to start, then please continue reading this article as we’ll be providing every information that will help you choose the best one.

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Pontoon boats are available in the market in various shapes, sizes, and features that if you are buying your first boat, it may be tricky to choose the best inflatable pontoon boat. And that is the prime reason we have come up with this article as it answers all your queries about choosing a pontoon boat and also provides you reviews about the top 5 best inflatable pontoon boats in the market. So without any further wait, let’s jump in directly into this exclusive buying guide for choosing the best inflatable pontoon boats.

Benefits of Using A Pontoon Boat

The inflatable pontoon boats have incredibly popular because they offer a lot of advantages over their solid counterparts.

Perfect for Fishing

If you are into fishing, then look no further than an inflatable pontoon boat. It offers a lot of space to stand and cast your line, comes with an excellent anchor system to stay put in a place and fish for longer hours.

Easy to Use

These boats are extremely easy to use as they are made using quality materials that they don’t dent even in rough waters. It is also easy to clean and maintain after completing your fishing session.

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Pontoon boats can easily last for more than 10-20 years if maintained properly. Most of the boats are made using high-quality materials that are scratch resistant and also come included with abrasion resistant materials used in the bottom so they can last for a longer time than kayaks.


While many people think that a pontoon boat is only suited for fishing, you can have a great day in your pontoon enjoying with your kids and family members as they provide you a lot of space that you even put a couch on it have a relaxed sleep. We have heard people having a full barbeque right on the boat, and some even installed a fire-pit during the winter.

How Pontoon Boat Works?

A pontoon boat is a flat-type boat that largely depends on its pontoons to stay afloat on the waters. And inflatable pontoon boats are one that can be assembled only when they are needed and deflated and stored in the back of your car when not in use. Pontoons also called as tubes are the essential parts of the boat that comes with a lot of buoyancy and this allows you to add various customization options on top of it.

how does inflatable pontoon boat works

Top 5 Inflatable Pontoon Boats

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Transport

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Transport

Classic Accessories is a renowned manufacturer of providing some of the best quality inflatable pontoon boats for many years now. The Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Transport pontoon boat is undoubtedly one of the best inflatable pontoon boats in the market as of today. We are saying with so much authority because put in a lot of hours in reviewing many models available for every feature, the materials they are made up, weight and additional features offered, etc.

And the Colorado Inflatable Transport is a 9-foot long pontoon boat that is made using high-quality materials and pretty much stable and sturdy enough to cruise down the river. You can either row the boat or easily troll it along. The motor mount is placed comfortable and comes equipped with two positions along with three oarlock positions. You can either use the 7-foot oars of the removable a rod holder. There is also a fillable mesh bag provided with easy to use cleat and pully controls that can be fitted on both sides of the boats making a fully equipped anchor system.

There are three variations available including the classic, XT and the XTS where you have the folded padded seat in the classic variant and a transport wheel in the XT model. And the best options is the XTS model that comes with a swivel seat so you can rotate all the sides for better mobility and comfort.

Product Highlights:
• Comes with a load capacity of 400 pounds
• Best storage capabilities than most of the pontoon boats in the market
• Easy to assemble
• You can choose between rowing or use a motor
• Strong and sturdy construction

Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

Another popular pontoon boat from Classic Accessories that is best suited for flat water fishing. The inflatable pontoon boat is quite comfortable in terms of enjoying a day fishing or just having a cruise down the calm ocean bays. And most importantly the boat is built using high-quality materials that it provides needed stability on the water. It also comes with an excellent anchor system that allows you to stay put in the same place and enjoy fishing even in moving water.

The 9-foot inflatable pontoon boat is specially designed to stay put in the water for a long time, and the boat comes with a 2-year limited warranty. The boat provides you with excellent durability and longevity that makes it one of the most preferred options for many flat-water fishing people. The boat is equipped with heavy-duty abrasion resistant PVC on the bottom, so you can rest assured that no damage is done even when you come across hostile and rough waters.

The top portion of the boat is made using rugged nylon materials that is both strong and durable but still offers a quality feel and texture to the surface. When it comes storage options, there are various pockets found everywhere in the pontoon boat including ten mesh pockets, 12 zippered pockets, two bottle holders (insulated), fishing rod holders along with a large storage rack in the back.

Product Highlights:
• Compact pontoon boat
• Made using high-quality, rugged nylon materials
• Plenty of storage options
• Best suited for flat water
• Great load capacity
• Highly stable and durable

Sea Eagle Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat

Sea Eagle 285 Pontoon Boat

The Sea Eagle is next in our list of the best inflatable pontoon boats that weighs around 45 pounds and 9-foot long. It comes with a storage capacity of 450 pounds and setting up the inflatable boat takes less than 5 minutes. Constructed using top-quality Denier with quadruple overlapping glued seams that offers the boat with excellent durability and stability that you can confidently make a ride in all kind of water bodies.

The boat is best suited for fishing as it comes with a frameless design and can be used either with a gas or electric motor. Even though it doesn’t have a metal frame in the design, it is quite stable on the water, so never need to worry about standing on the boat to cast your line. You can either choose an inflatable seat or a swivel seat according to your requirements.

When not in use, it can be folded quickly as can be easily stored in the trunk of your vehicle. When you choose the pro package, you also get additionally a floorboard, swivel seat, apron, stow pouch, rod holders and a motor mount. So if you have a bigger budget, then we would recommend going for the pro package as it provides you the complete fishing experience.

Product Highlights:
• Comes with a load capacity of 450 pounds
• Lightweight Design
• Easy and Comfortable
• Quick to Setup
• Ample storage options available

Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

The Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon boat is the next best inflatable pontoon boat in our list that comes with a rear storage platform and a boat that is known for its reliability and flexibility. It is an 8-foot long boat that comes with a class-1 river rating and can hold a capacity of 350 lbs storage.

There are various unique features provided with the Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable boat including the mesh pockets, adjustable foot-rests, foldable plastic seats, zippered armrest pockets along with storage options at the back.

Even though the inflatable pontoon boat is compact and smaller than the other pontoon boats in this list, it still provides you with a lot of storage options as you can store everything from your keys, wallets and mobile phones in the armrest pockets. The steel frames come built with a powder coating to provide additional durability, and the boat is extremely lightweight and easy to handle.

The high-riding design provides you with excellent visibility in the front, and the abrasion-resistant PVC bottom ensures that the boat doesn’t get damaged even when rowing over hostile and rough waters.

Setting up the inflatable boat is pretty much simple, and the lightweight design enables you to quickly deflate and store in your car easily. But the only problem with this boat is that the included 6-foot oars are not up to the mark and you can bring your oars for a comfortable time on the waters.

Product Highlights:
• The storage capacity of 350 pounds
• Fold-down seat
• Plenty of storage options
• High-riding design greater visibility
• Constructed using heavy-duty materials

Aquos Heavy-Duty 2019 Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Aquos Heavy-Duty 2019 Pontoon Boat

The Aquos Heavy Duty 2019 inflatable pontoon boat is specially designed for fishing and is constructed using highly-durable German PVC materials that are 0.9mm thicker. The boat contains 4 main chambers along with 2 reinforced chambers to create excellent buoyancy and support. The inflatable pontoon boat can stay balanced even if two people are fishing from the same side.

The solid aluminum floorboard is 94 x 51 inches wide and adds to the stability of the board and also enables the boat owners to add a lot of customization on top of it. You can easily add any type of seats, rod holders and any other accessories that will make your fishing trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

The boat can handle a load capacity of around 970 pounds and comes with an open deck design and is regarded as one of the best inflatable pontoon boats in the market as of today. Even in extremely windy conditions, the boat provides ultimate stability. And when not in use, it can be easily deflated and stored in the trunk of your car for easy transport.

Some even call the Aquos PF380 as a floating platform as it provides you with ultimate durability and stability on the waters. At around 149 pounds, the Aquos PF380 is the heaviest inflatable pontoon boats in our list.

Product Highlights:
• Load capacity of 970 pounds
• Free replacement of parts within 3-years
• Set up the boat in less than 30 minutes
• Highly stable and durable
• Can be easily packed in the trunk of your car

Things to Consider Before Buying an Inflatable Pontoon Boat

When it comes to choosing the best inflatable pontoon boats, you need to take into account various factors before selecting your boat. Many people buying a pontoon boat for the first time think that cost and the load capacity are the only major factors that matter, but even though it is true to some extent, there are other factors that you need to investigate. At first look every other boat looks fascinating, but only when you experience the boat on the waters will you know the true capability of the boat. So let’s look into the factors that you may need to consider before choosing the boat that suits your requirements.


One of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying an inflatable pontoon boat is the weight of the boat. When you compare other boats with inflatable one, the latter weighs lesser but are made using highly durable materials. Take a look at the weight of the boat and how much load capacity it can handle.

Better go for a lightweight boat, but please ensure the material it is made up of. Because even if it is light in weight and made using cheaper materials, then it can’t handle large load capacities as you may carry some gear also with you. Make sure the boat comes with materials that are abrasion-resistant and comes with powder coated metal frames.

Load Capacity

Most of the single-seat inflatable pontoon boats can handle a minimum load capacity of 300 pounds easily. And if you are looking for a 2-seater, then some of them do offer a capacity to hold more than 650 pounds. But always remember never to load the boat to its full capacity as it may affect the boat’s performance to some extent.


It’s not enough to finish your fishing trip within an hour or two. To enjoy fishing to the fullest, you need to spend at least 3 hours on the water, and it is not possible to stand all the time. So look for a boat that comes with a comfortable backrest and adjustable footrest.

inflatable fishing pontoon boat


The next essential thing to pay your attention to is whether the boat comes with any kind of warranty. A quality or a popular manufacturer will provide you all types warranty like a money-back guarantee, parts replacement warranty for a certain period and some manufacturers even give you trial periods for you to try it out.


Many manufacturers these days provide you with many accessories to attract the customers. Some manufacturers also allow you to choose between the accessories you want. Some of the accessories that come along with the best inflatable pontoon boat are:
• Rod holders
• Storage options
• Trolling motor
• Swivel seat
• Repair kit
• Carry bag
• Casting bar
• Foot pump

But you always have the opportunity to buy just the boat and later customize it to your liking with all the options you need.

Anchor System

When you go fishing in an inflatable pontoon boat, you need to be stationed in one place to make the best out of your fishing. And to stay put, you need an anchor system. So look what kind of anchor system that comes with your boat. Mushroom anchors are said to be the best anchor systems for pontoon boats.

Pockets and Storage

Storage is another important factor that you need to consider as you don’t want to stuff all the accessories in your backpack. Most of the inflatable pontoon boat nowadays come with a lot of storage options including mesh pockets, zippered bags, rear storage, etc.

Motor Mount

When you go fishing all day, you can’t be rowing all the time. So you need the option to mount either an electric or a gas motor. Most of the boats come with mounts installed onto it. But the capacity varies, and if you already have a motor, look for a boat that can fit your motor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Inflatable Pontoon Boats Safe?

Yes, with the advent of technology and modern manufacturing techniques and materials, the inflatable pontoon boats purchased from a reputed manufacturer are safe and secure as their solid counterparts. They can be used in all kinds of water bodies as most of them made using high-quality materials to stand firm even in extremely windy conditions. But always remember to wear a life vest when using these boats.

How do I transport an Inflatable Pontoon Boat?

Well, it depends on how large your boat is. Most of the inflatable pontoon boats when not in use can be easily carried in the trunk of your car. If you have a larger one, better keep a dolly to transport it to the water after inflating it.

Which is better for Fishing: Inflatable Kayak or an Inflatable Pontoon Boat?

While it all depends on what kind of boat you are comfortable with, but both are excellent choices for fishing. But with an inflatable pontoon, you have more space and a lot of options to customize, and you don’t want to be seated all the time. You can stand and cast your line and use swivel seats to turn every other side and also comes with a lesser risk of capsizing than the kayaks.

Is it easy to set up an inflatable pontoon boat?

Yes, most of the inflatable pontoon boats take less than 15-20 minutes to set up.

How Long Can I Expect My Inflatable Boat to Last?

Well, it entirely depends on how you care for your boat and how you treat it. Generally, an inflatable pontoon boat can last up to 10-20 years, but it may vary based on the amount of usage, proper maintenance and the material it is made up of.


So we have come to the concluding part of this exclusive guide to choose the best inflatable pontoon boat. And what is the pontoon boat that you think will suit your requirements? But it largely depends on what kind of boat you are looking for. We highly recommend the Classic Accessories Colorado Transport as it gives you everything you would look for in an inflatable pontoon boat. Please post your comments and suggestions in the feedback section provided below, and we’ll be happy to respond at the earliest.

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