Best Fly Tying Bobbin List Reviewed 2019

Fly fishing is a hobby reserved only for the meticulous people. It is an activity that requires precision and patience. All the while, the prospect of fishing is only enhanced by using the right tools.

As mentioned earlier, fly fishing is a way of fishing in which the users rely on an angling method to fish. Here, a lightweight lure is used, which is known as a fly. Fly tying bobbins help maintain the tension on the materials, and it allows the distribution of the load evenly.

There are so many different types of fly bobbins available in the market. But one must know how to choose one. So this article will guide you on how to select the right bobbin to make your experience of fly fishing a memorable one. But before that, many benefits of using a fly tying bobbin are discussed below.

best fly tying bobbin

Why We Should Use A Fly Tying Bobbin?

1. The fly tying bobbin is constructed with a tube which has two ‘legs,’ and the legs are pinched. This feature helps with feeding the thread through the tube.

2. With the fly tying bobbin in use, the days of letting go of the thread uncontrollably are over. The ‘legs’ help the user to control the thread because it provides the correct tension.

3. The bobbin and the tie together provide the proper tension, which is perfect for keeping the fly from unraveling uncontrollably.

4. Since the tube allows for perfect tensioning, the thread is free from the danger of unraveling. In this case, a user is also free to perform other activities such as preparing other materials or simply observing the work. This also allows a user to take a break from tying without the fear of the thread spiraling out of control.

5. Fly tying bobbins are great for beginners as traditional bobbins are a lot harder to use and control. With fly tying bobbins, any user, both experienced and inexperienced can have the opportunity of enjoying the activity without needing to worry about every move.

Top 5 Best Fly Tying Bobbins:

Rite Ceramic Standard Bobbin

Rite Ceramic Standard Bobbin
  • Adjustability
  • Total Thread Tension Control
  • Ceramic Insert

The Rite Ceramic Standard Bobbin is an inexpensive bobbin, and the price tag is what attracts most of the customers. But despite the cost, it is a highly functional and high-quality product. The bobbin has great tensioning adjustability, which is a plus point for every experienced angler. The tensioning spokes are made up of brass, and the talks are recessed within the wheel, which is made of plastic.


  • It is a budget-friendly bobbin.
  • The base is adjustable, which in turn allows the tension to be adjusted just the way you want it.


Switching threads with this bobbin are quite tricky as compared to a traditional bobbin.

Griffin Tying Tools Ceramic Bobbin

Griffin Tying Tools Bobbin Ceramic Supreme
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Ceramic insert tip
  • Smooth nylon beads

The Griffin bobbin is made entirely of stainless steel. This material makes the bobbin highly durable as well as long-lasting. The spool offers smooth gliding, and it has incredible thread tension adjustability. The tube has a diameter of 1/16 inches which supports easier threading. Combined with the stainless steel tube, the ceramic insert along with the nylon beads make this bobbin a sought after product.


  • The bobbin is durable because of its stainless steel tube.
  • It is extremely comfortable for beginners.


There are better quality bobbins at this price range.

Stonfo Elite Disc Drag Bobbin

Stonfo bobbins are known for their quality, and this model is no exception. The holder is metallic, which gives it a sturdy feel. The holder is super smooth and glides smoothly. It also has excellent tensioning placement, which makes it a great buy for beginners as well. The disc drag feature makes it possible to adjust the drag of the thread easily.


  • The tube is made up of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and long lasting.
  • With the disc drag feature, it makes it incredibly easy for users to adjust the thread.


The tube can be small, and it may be difficult for some people to thread it.

Stonfo Disc Drag Compact Bobbin

Stonfo Elite Compact Disc Drag Bobbin, One Size
  • A Top Quality Weighted Stainless Steel Bobbin Holder
  • Quick Adjusting Disc-Drag System
  • A Bit Smaller To Sit Snugly In The Hand

The Stonfo model is an exceptional quality bobbin with the holder made up of top quality stainless steel. The size of the bobbin is compact which would give the users a more snugly fit while holding it. With this bobbin, a user need never worry about having trouble with placing the tension, as tensioning is easy to achieve with the disc-drag system.


  • Great quality bobbin and is well worth the money spent.
  • The disc-drag system makes bobbin unique amongst other models.


The bobbin can feel quite petite due to its compact size for people with larger hands.

Creative Angler Bobbin

Creative Angler Bobbin Standard for Fly Tying
  • Bobbin Standard for Fly Tying
  • Brass feet for smooth spool rotation
  • Adjustable for all spool sizes

The Creative angler bobbin will first attract any user with its unique design. But its physical design is not just what this bobbin is known for. For all enthusiasts of fly tying, this bobbin is a standard model which does the job well. The spool rotation glides smoothly, which is due to the presence of brass feet. The bobbin is also suitable for all spool sizes.


  • The bobbin works excellently for fly tying.
  • It has great tensioning, and it is versatile as well as it is suitable for all spool sizes.


It can be quite fragile and may tend to break easily.

How to Choose the Best Fly Tying Bobbin

With countless choices in the market, it is no doubt that a person would be lost for options when it comes to picking up new fly tying bobbins. However, there are some points you should consider before purchasing one.

The material of the bobbin holder

The bobbin holders are available in ceramic, metal or foam. The whole holder may be made of just the one material but in some cases. The holder may be made of ceramic with a metal lining or vice-versa. In unique cases, the bobbin holder may be made up of all three materials. However, most users have one thing in mind while choosing bobbin holders, and that is durability. Metals have more longevity when compared to other materials. They are also great for avoiding heat from the thread as the metal conducts the heat, which in turn protects the thread from snapping.

The tension in the bobbin holder

One of the most important tasks of bobbin holders is to distribute the tension evenly while feeding out the thread. Some low-quality bobbins will cut the thread and will let the load loose. But a good quality bobbin holder will enable the users to find their grips on the wrap with ease without the thread snapping. There are different kinds of adjustment systems for providing tension to the thread. The traditional bobbin holder has the legs to adjust the tension while other models use the help of screws, nuts or threaded knob to provide tension to the thread. One can choose the traditional bobbin holder or the non-traditional holder, but make sure that you choose one that provides quality.

The structure of the bobbin holder

The bobbin holder can be flat, curved, or asymmetric. Here, there is no ‘right’ shape for anyone, and it all depends on the person that is supposed to be using the bobbin. In the end, the personal preference of the users will determine the choice.

Flat bobbin holders are known to provide constant tension and friction and are made of the plate. This also limits the flexibility and the inability to bend the holder as the plate is stiff.

The curved bobbin holders are like the flat ones, but they are bent in the ‘feet’ to give them more flexibility.

Asymmetric bobbin holders have a Y-shape, and they provide the right fit for your hands. They remain snug within the grasp of hands, which makes it easier to maneuver the holder.

The budget

In the end, it all comes down to the budget. However, this does not mean that only the expensive ones are better in quality. There are low priced to moderately priced bobbins which will suit the budget of more people. Cheap bobbins are usually a waste of money, and they can be used for other purposes such as chenille and yarn but except for fly fishing. The moderately priced bobbins can be good if only you know how to look for. So, it is always better to lay out a budget and list out the pros and cons before purchasing one.

fly tying bobbin reviews


If you want to make a safe purchase, the only way to get yourself a great fly tying bobbin is to stick to reputed brands. Reputed brands have a way of knowing what the customer wants, and they have great customer care if you ever find yourself with problems.

Some bobbins come with a lot of facilities and can get quite complicated. So no matter the numbers of features, users have known to have stuck to the more straightforward and the most basic bobbins that offer durability and ease of use. But in the end, it is all about personal choices, and the only right decision can be made by knowing what you want from a fly tying bobbin.

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