Best Fishing Reel Grease in 2019 [Buying Guide]

So you have bought your fishing reels, and you are ready for your first fishing trip. After the tour, you forget about your gear and leave it in your storage or garage. That is the first mistake that every angler makes during the initial stages. Gears do not come cheap, and they are made for more than a one-time use. But like all things, they become depleted over a period of time if it is not taken care of properly.

The right way to ensure that your fishing reels stand against the test of time is to grease it regularly. But not all greases will do because they are messy and may not be right for your reel. Fishing reel grease comes with properties that are water-resistant, anti-corrosive and anti-contaminant properties. All of those qualities cannot be found in ordinary grease, and therefore, it is important to pick one which ensures the long-life and the best performance from your reels. 

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What are the benefits of using fishing reel grease?

From the introduction, fishing reel grease does an important job of keeping the reels up and working. So, some of the benefits of using fishing reel grease are listed below for a better understanding:

1. Greasing the fishing reels regularly with fishing reel grease maintains the fishing reel and keeps it the same way as it was during the time you bought it. Since the greases are intended for this purpose, the fishing reels do not decrease in their performance and sometimes you will also find that they work smoother and better as well.

2. Most of the fishing reel greases come with water-resistant properties which mean that once your grease the fishing reel, the grease can protect the reel from corrosion. The fishing reel greases can be saltwater resistant or freshwater resistant. Choosing a type will be dependent on the type of water that you fish at.

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3. The fishing reel greases are versatile as well and not only can they be used for fishing reels but they can be used for over a variety of purposes such as greasing ball bearings or car parts.

4. Fishing reel grease can also save you extra expenditure as they can prolong the various parts of the reels. This means that you can save money on buying new parts or replacing parts.

Top 5 Fishing Reel Grease Reviews

Yamalube Multi-Purpose Grease

Yamalube ACC-GREAS-10-CT Marine Multi-Purpose Grease, 10 oz Tube
  • Genuine OEM Yamaha Part
  • H4 "Bigger" Marine Grease H4 Marine Multi-Purpose Grease Provides Superior Lubrication, Most Versitile Formulation, Highly Resistant To Water - Even Saltwater, Resists Washout, Aheres To All Frictional Surfaces Unaffected By Engine Or Boat Vibrations
  • Use Where Specified In The Service Manual To Use Grease "A"

The Yamalube multi-purpose grease acts as excellent marine grease. Since it has been designed for that purpose, the grease does not wash off when in contact with water. The grease offers anti-corrosion property which when applied to fishing reels can protect the metal from rusting. Besides fishing reels, this grease serves multi purposes, hence the name and can be used to lubricate all kinds of metals.


  • The grease is resistant to water, even saltwater included.
  • A grease gun is not required to apply the grease to metal parts or surfaces.


The quantity of grease in the tube is less for the price tag.


SHIMANO Dura-Ace Grease
  • Volume: 50 g
  • Recommended Use: hub and bottom bracket overhauls

Shimano prides itself in bringing the best for the customers, and the Dura-Ace is evident of that. It comes in a cool fluorescent green color with a consistent texture. It is highly resistant to water and provides quality adhesion and lubrication. The Dura-ace is most suitable for greasing or lubrication ball bearings in bicycles. Besides being water-resistant, it is also heat-resistant.


  • The Dura-Ace is hydrophobic, heat-resistant, and is a great lubricant as well as an adhesive.
  • The container that the lubricant arrives in is air-tight and can be used for a long period of time.


It is expensive, especially for daily use.

PENN Reel Grease

The PENN Reel Grease is a wonder when it comes to the grease world. The grease offers durability, consistency, water stability, and anti-rust properties and oxidation properties. The grease is highly functional in a wide range of temperatures including extreme temperatures and is also highly resistant to heat. It has been claimed that each tub of grease undergoes extensive durability and quality tests.


  • The grease is versatile and can be used for lubricating any kind of metals including fishing reels and ball bearings.
  • It is also resistant to saltwater.


The size of the tub in which the grease arrives in is small for the budget.

Ardent Reel Butter Grease

Ardent Reel Butter Grease
  • This reel lubricant is 100% synthetic and for use on both fishing reels and other mechanical equipment
  • This lubricant bonds to brass, steel, and plastic on contact; compatible with all reel components
  • Long-lasting formula is designed to outlast the competition to greatly extend reel life
  • Contains a rust inhibitor to significantly reduce and prevent the onset of corrosion
  • Features a UV tracer so that the grease can be viewed under a blacklight to determine when it needs to be reapplied

The Ardent Reel Butter Grease works exceptionally well for freshwater and saltwater fishing reels. The grease is 100% synthetic and is anti-corrosive. It can be used for any materials as long as they are made of brass, steel, or plastic. One cool thing about the Ardent Reel butter Grease is the fact that it has a UV tracer which can be seen with the help of a black light.


  • The grease is a great component for maintenance of fishing reels as it prolongs the life and durability of the reels.
  • The tube comes with a tip which makes applying the grease to corners extremely easy.


It is not budget-friendly.

Interflon Fin Grease

Interflon Fin Grease (Aerosol) 300 ML Can - Transparent General Purpose Grease Fortified with MicPol
  • Significant Reduction of Friction and Wear
  • Protects Against Water and Contaminants
  • Inhibits Rust and Corrosion
  • Extends Lubrication Service Intervals
  • NSF (Class H1) Tested and Listed for Incidental Food Contact

The Interflon Fin Grease is high-quality grease which arrives in an aerosol can. This makes it extremely easy to reach tiny cracks and crevices. It is a type of grease that can penetrate surfaces with ease because of MicPol present in the formula. It is resistant to water, steam, and contaminants like dust.


  • The Interflon Fin Grease can be used for lubricating and assembling parts. Parts include anything from bearings to cables to locking pins.
  • It has MicPol which stands for Micronization and Polarization of solid particles that are lubricants in nature.


It is expensive.

How to Choose the Best Fishing Reel Grease:

There are things to consider while buying fishing real grease:

1. Make sure that it has a long expiry date  

Unless you plan to fish every day, your fishing reel will be untouched for a couple of months until your next fishing session. In that case, buy your fishing reel grease according to that period. It won’t be too much of a benefit if you buy reel grease right before its expiry because it would surely drive to waste. Long-lasting fishing reel grease would save you money and an unnecessary trip to the store.

2. Make sure it is the right type of fishing reel grease

It is important to get fishing reel grease that is resistant to the type of water that you will be fishing at. Meaning, some real fishing grease is made to be saltwater resistant or freshwater resistant. So in the end, it depends on the type of water. Some grease can be resistant to both, and some grease will be resistant to just one. It is important to specify the type as fishing reels are used in water areas mostly and water can be the most corrosive material to your expensive fishing reel.

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3. Be mindful of the budget

Most of the fishing reel greases are a special type of greases that are built specifically for protecting and maintaining the fishing reels. Therefore, you will find that they cost more than a normal one. The initial reaction would be to choose the normal grease, which would be the wrong choice. The extra money that you pay for the fishing reel grease will be worth a lot in terms of protecting and maintaining your fishing reels from buying new parts. Also, there are different ranges of the price for fishing reel grease. So, lay out your budget and lay out the important criteria that you want from fishing reel grease. Then, in the end, it would help you make the right choice after considering everything.

4. The package type of the grease

Some fishing reel grease comes with tips which make it easy for an application to fishing reels while some do not come with tips. Some grease comes with packaging that requires a grease gun to apply. So in this case, unless you are planning on buying a grease gun or you already have one, steer clear of buying grease that requires additional inventory. Some greases come in tubs, but most of them are kept in tubs because they are meant to be applied with hands. The other option is grease in aerosol cans which costs more but avoids the mess. The choice is all yours.

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Trying to purchase fishing reel grease should not be a gigantic task as long as you keep all the necessary criteria in mind. The safe bet is to buy one from a reputed company or if your friends and family have suggested to you a brand that they swear by. There are also other factors to keep in mind like its long lasting qualities, durability, and the cost.

But in the end, whichever choice you decide to make, let it be in the best interest of your fishing reel. Here is too prosperous shopping and a successful fishing trip!

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