Best Electric Ice Auger 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

For people who love fishing in the cold weather, there have been a bunch of things invented to help them on their ice fishing trip. They have to wear proper gear and take the necessary equipment to make their journey more comfortable. One of the most important things is an ice auger as, without it, there will be no ice fishing.

Other tools are important as well, but how will you start fishing if you don’t have an auger to drill a hole in the ice? Regardless of which region of the world you are in, when you go ice fishing, you will need a sharp and fast auger to get things started.

Gas auger provides a lot of power and allows you to quickly drill up to a dozen holes in the ice in a few minutes. However, nowadays, everything is becoming advanced, and technology is taking over. Hence, electric augers are becoming more popular, and people now prefer them over the old gas ones.

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While a gas auger had its advantages, electric augers are far better, though they are not perfect by any means. In this guide, we will review some of the best electric ice augers and give you a guide on how to buy the best electric ice auger for yourself.

Why Anglers Need An Electric Ice Auger?

Electric ice augers have become famous in the ice fishing community. In the power tool world, battery tools are overruling gas tools, and the same is happening in the case of augers. The electric auger provides so many benefits. It comes with lithium batteries that offer more benefits than gas or propane.

The gas auger produces a byproduct as well, which pollutes the environment. If you are digging a hole inside your tent, it will be filled with fumes, which only adds more work to your trip. In addition to that, it makes a lot of noise. With an electric auger, you won’t have to face these problems.

It is quiet and environment-friendly. It doesn’t need time to warm up either and starts up easily with just the push of a button. While the best electric ice auger may cost a bit more, the benefits outweigh the price.

electric ice auger reviews

The most attractive thing about an electric auger is its battery. The lithium-ion battery can provide enough life to drill 100 holes at a time. You can quickly recharge the battery or switch it out if you have a spare. You won’t have to go anywhere and buy gas like you have to do with gas augers.

Electric ice augers are also relatively lightweight as compared to gas augers since there is no extra weight of the gas. They are also easier to maintain.

How Does It Work?

The electric ice auger works pretty easy and straightforward. When you open the box, you will usually find the following items:

  • The auger (with attached or unattached blades)
  • Battery
  • Extension cord (regularly measuring 12 inches)
  • A charger
  • An Allen wrench (for assembling purposes but might not be available in every case)
  • Battery bag (may not be in every case)

You will have first to attach the head of the auger using the Allen wrench and a bolt. It’s pretty simple. You will also have to charge the batteries first before using them. Once the batteries are charged, keep them in the battery bag and only connect them to the auger when you want to use it.

how does ice auger work

When you go on your ice fishing trip, connect the battery to the auger and poke it into the ice. It works as efficiently as a gas auger with relatively less noise. Once you make an excellent fishing hole, disconnect the battery and put it back in the battery bag.

Electric augers are lightweight and with the battery removed, they weigh even less. Thus, you won’t have a problem carrying one around while looking for a beautiful fishing spot.

5 Best Electric Ice Augers Reviews

ION Eskimo Standard Series

ION Eskimo Standard Series

This product comes with premium features at a reasonable price. The feature that puts it on top is its reverse feature, which results in a smoother cutting process as it removes the slush from the drilled holes.

This product is the smoothest auger with a 40 V lithium-ion battery. It allows you to drill through 1000 inches of ice in one charge. The battery also doesn’t take much time to charge.

The body of this ice auger is purely made of steel, but despite that, it’s still very light. It weighs around 22 lbs., so you can easily carry it far out on the ice.

The device can be easily started with just the push of a button. The wide handles allow you to have a solid grip on the auger, and the sharp blade makes it easy to cut through the ice. This electric ice auger doesn’t make any noise either.


  • Comes with a reverse feature
  • 40 V battery power
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Easy startup
  • Can drill up to 1000 inches of ice in one charge
  • Affordable


  • No center spike
  • Needs a lot of external pressure to operate

Strikemaster Electra Lazer 12000DP Power Auger

Strikemaster Electra Lazer 12000DP Power Auger

This electric ice auger has more power and torque as compared to other electric augers. It can cut through even the thickest ice. It weighs around 39 lbs., which is way more than the ION ice auger, making it not as easy to carry around.

The battery is easier to install than the ION, and the 2-amp charger fully charges the battery in 2 and a half hours. While it can’t match the performance of the ION due to the difference in battery size, it can still give you enough power to make a nice fishing spot for yourself.

The sharp serrated blades easily drill up the ice, and the center spike makes drilling easily. However, the holes won’t be as smooth as other augers because of the serrated blades.

The Electra Lazer also comes with a reverse feature, which allows you to remove the slush easily. There is also a blade cover included in the kit that protects the blades after every use.


  • 40 V battery power
  • Battery fully charges in 2 and a half hours
  • Sharp serrated blade
  • Center spike
  • Easy mobility


  • The device only comes with one battery
  • The handle might break with rigorous use

RAZR Lithium Ice Auger

RAZR Lithium Ice Auger

RAZR is an upcoming ice auger manufacturing company that has provided a high-quality electric ice auger at an affordable price. It has a battery power of 24 V and a length of 40 inches.

The weight of the device is 28 lbs. It’s a little heavier than the ION, but considering the features it offers, it is an even trade. The battery power allows the auger to drill a lot of in just a single charge through 18 inches of solid ice.

This auger has some of the same features as the ION and Strikemaster. It has the reverse feature, and a built-in LED light that lights up the hole for you to see correctly at night or early morning. The curved stainless steel blades on this ice auger allow you to cut deep into the solid ice with ease.


  • 40 inches in length so that you can drill without needing an extension
  • 24 V battery
  • The 7-amp charger that charges the battery in a few hours
  • Can drill through 18 inches of thick ice
  • Curved stainless steel blades
  • Not too heavy
  • Built-in LED light
  • Reverse feature
  • Budget-friendly


  • You need to keep it warm

Landworks Eco-Friendly Electric Ice Auger

Landworks Eco-Friendly Electric Ice Auger

The Landworks Eco-Friendly auger is known for drilling straight through solid ice without any difficulty. It comes with overload protection that protects the auger’s powerhead from overheating if it overloads or comes across an extreme situation.

The wide handle of this ice auger gives balance and comfort. It also has a Three-Planetary Gear Mechanism, which results in higher transmission efficiency. The motor is brushless so that it can work smoothly and efficiently.

It has not been called eco-friendly for anything. It does not make any noise while operating, and you will not have to face any smog after using this machine as it does not produce any.

The height of the auger is 8 inches, whereas the weight is up to 25 pounds, which allows you to carry the ice auger easily along the ice. It is a strong, powerful, and highly operational electric ice auger. Not to forget that the battery of this auger can last for a long duration.


  • Overload protection feature
  • 4-amp charger
  • Wide handles
  • 3-Planetary Gear Mechanism
  • 25 pounds
  • 8-inch long auger
  • Highly operational
  • Perfect for heavy-duty work
  • Strong
  • Affordable
  • Known for cutting through thick ice smoothly


  • Some customers have claimed it has a short battery life
  • Defected operating lock has been reported

ARKSEN Electric Hole Digger/Auger

ARKSEN Electric Hole Digger Auger

ARKSEN has manufactured a masterpiece for multiple drilling purposes. Although this device is usually used to dig holes through solid ground, it can also be used as an ice auger. It has a 110 V battery, which means it can dig through any deep, solid block of ice. It has more power and torque than the usual augers at about 90 ft-lb.

It offers a bit speed up to 200 RPM that helps you quickly and efficiently drill through even the thickest ice. It is designed with a four-in-one drill bit and is built for maximum drilling capacity.

The length of the auger is 13 and a half inches, and it has a width of 4 inches, which means it can drill deep into any surface without any problem. The auger also comes with a center spike that makes fixing the drill easy.

This device is lightweight and can be easily carried around. It gives you convenience with versatility.


  • Comes with a 4-in-1 drill bit
  • 110 V battery
  • 90 ft-lb. torque
  • 13 and a half inches of length
  • Maximum drilling capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Mobile
  • Long lasting


  • Some people may find it to be oddly structured
  • The handle can make it hard to use

How to Choose the Best Electric Ice Auger

There are several factors that you need to consider before buying an electric ice auger. You will find several options in the market, but to choose the best electric ice auger, you will need to consider your requirements and decide accordingly. This comprehensive guide will help you narrow down the important features and will be helpful if you are a beginner and need some guidance.


An electric auger is relatively light as compared to gas ice augers. They still offer some variety in weight. The weight depends on the size of the auger and how many blades it offers. Even so, electric augers will weigh less than a gas one and are easy to carry around.

Keep in mind that the more the auger weighs, the more pressure it can drill with. Hence, you will need to strike the right balance between power and convenience. The exact weight will depend on one’s strength and needs.


Gas ice augers are more reliable in comparison to electric ice augers, though not all electric ones are unreliable. Different electric augers come with different powers. You can pick the best one for your fishing trip. Some batteries even come with 40 V power, which is enough for drilling 100 holes and can last for a whole fishing trip. You can also buy extra batteries, so in case the battery runs out of power, you can use your spare.

best electric ice auger


Blades are the most important part of an ice auger. Choosing the right blade is necessary, or else it will affect the performance. The blade of an electric ice auger comes in various sizes. The different options start from 4 inches and can go up to 10 inches.

You should choose a blade depending on what type of fishing you are going to do. Remember that the larger the blade, the deeper it can cut. If you are fishing for larger species of fish, you should get an 8- or 10-inch blade.

The blades also come in a variety of shapes. You can choose between power-point blades, serrated blades and pivot-tip blade. All these types are solid and sharp and give a great performance. You can choose whether you want a single blade, double blades or four blades. From all these, four blades are the best option if you want speed.

Noise Levels

Electric ice augers create very less noise than gas augers. They are the best option for ice fishing because loud noise can scare the fish away. With the electric auger, you will only hear a humming noise and the ice breaking. There won’t be any loud noises, unlike the gas auger.

Dimensions of the Holes

Not all electric ice augers make the same dimension of holes, but some provide excellent deep cuts, just like a gas auger. Make sure you find the one that provides such quality. Otherwise, you will have to make more effort in making the same deep holes.

Safe to Use

An electric ice auger gives far better safety than a gas one. Because the former does not produce any harmful gas as a by-product. Hence, you can comfortably use it inside your ice fishing tent.

Easy Mobility

Electric augers are easier to carry around because they are lightweight, unlike gas augers which weigh a lot more. You even have the option to remove the battery and put it in a battery bag when you are not using the auger to make carrying it even lighter. This way, you can distribute the weight among you and your friends so that you aren’t placing a burden on just one person.


An electric auger tends to be less durable than other types. Because it is made of electrical components, which are bound to break or get damaged. Again, some electric augers are more durable than others, so try to find those that will give you a long life.


The battery is another important factor to consider when buying an electric ice auger. You need to find one that can allow you to drill more holes in a single charge and will last your whole trip.


Electric ice augers are the most affordable option for ice fishing. While costing less, they give just as much functionality as a gas auger. They are also the perfect choice for beginners because they are incredibly easy to use.


It’s a good idea to check the warranty too when you are buying a product. Products with longer warranties are usually stable and durable because why else would a manufacturer take such responsibility for its products? Look for an electric auger that comes with the most extended warranty while keeping the above features in mind.

Also, make sure you get full information on what part of the equipment is covered with the warranty.


Gas augers were invented a long time ago, but as time went by, electric augers started getting popular. Now, there are a lot of brands available with many advanced features, giving you a lot of variety to choose the best electric ice auger for your needs.

It can be complicated to make this choice, which is why we have provided a complete guide on how to choose the best. Before you go shopping, make a list of the features you need in your electric auger and follow that list.

We have also reviewed the top 5 electric augers for different needs to give you an idea of what the market offers. Go through each one’s features, pros, and cons and select the one that appeals to you the most. However, there are a lot of other brands too. You can always look through other options if none of the above appeals to you. Whatever you do, make sure your money is well spent, and you buy the best electric ice auger.


Q. How can I set up the equipment?

The procedure of setting up the equipment is not complicated. The kit includes a separate battery and the machine itself. You can easily connect the blades to the head with a bolt and hex key, which is also usually given in the kit. Then, connect the battery, and you are ready for some drilling!

Q. How can I maintain it?

Maintaining an electric ice auger needs a little effort. When you return from your ice fishing trip, make sure your blades are completely dried. Separate the head from the blades and remove the batteries before storing them away.

Let your batteries warm down for an hour before you put them on the charge. When the batteries are too cold, the charger shows a solid red light that indicates they need to warm up first.

Q. How long does it last?

It is said that electric ice augers are less durable than gas augers, but that may not be entirely true. If you properly maintain your equipment and use it carefully, it can turn into a long-term investment.

Q. How can I sharpen the blades?

The blades are the most important part of an ice auger because they do the drilling job. Using the blades frequently can cause dullness, but there are ways you can sharpen them again. Firstly, take off the blades from the head and closely inspect the condition of your blades. If it’s not too bad, you can continue with cleaning the secondary edge with a coarse stone. After that, grind the secondary edge of the blades with a medium stone and hone the secondary edge with a honing stone. Use the honing stone on the first edge too with some oil. Reattach the blades to the head, and you are done!

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