Best Crankbait Rods Reviews for 2019: Ultimate Buying Guide

There are many options when it comes to fishing. What reel or lure you use depends on the choice of fishing you are going to do. With time, new and modern rods have been invented, and different techniques have been discovered to get the most out of fishing. Even so, fishing is not simple, and there is always some new challenge you have to face whenever you go fishing, which is what makes it interesting.

Choosing the proper lure and knowing what will give the best results in different situations can make all the difference. If you are serious about crankbait fishing, you need to equip yourself properly to get the best out of your fishing trip.

Crankbait rods are used for bass fishing and are for bass anglers who need to cover water quickly and explore different depths. A crankbait rod comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and widths and the lure’s bill defines the crankbait as a deep-, medium- or shallow-diving plug.

crankbait rods reviews

There are multiple varieties of rods too, but for bass anglers, bait casting rods are more useful as they provide a better angle than other rods. Novice anglers can use pin casting rods because bait casting rods can be difficult to use.

If you are familiar with fishing, you probably know what a crankbait rod is. I’m just here to give you a guide on how to choose the best crankbait rods and make sure your fishing trip is always memorable.

Benefits of Using the Best Crankbait Rods

Bass anglers use crankbait rods because they provide a more accurate angle, whether they are fishing in a shallow river or deep waters. Here are some benefits of using a crankbait rod:


Rods specially designed for crankbait fishing are more sensitive and accurate as compared to other rods. As you throw the bait, the rod passes a lot of energy into the cast, creating a slingshot which covers a wide distance.

Improved Mechanism

Modern crankbait rods have been created to make crankbait fishing more convenient. Paired with a proper cranking reel and a crankbait according to the water depths, you will be a rock star of fishing or whatever they call it. An improved catch ratio is another benefit of an excellent crankbait rod.

Since a fast reaction of the rod can pull the bait out of the fish’s mouth, the crankbait rod has a soft section which creates a delay so that the bait can get completely inside the fish, making it easier to catch them.

Provides a Good Fishing Experience

Crankbait rods are more modern as compared to the old graphite rods. Their accuracy level and long-distance coverage are big plus points. Their sensitivity level is also far higher than the old rods. Anglers use crankbait rods for these traits as they allow them to have a far better experience. It’s just all about choosing the right equipment.

Above are some benefits that you get when fishing with crankbait rods. However, you need to learn how to choose your equipment and whether it is worth the money because crankbait rods can be a bit pricier than other rods.

best crankbait rods for the money

How Does It Work?

A fishing rod usually consists of the following parts:

  • Tip at the end of the rod to which bait is attached
  • Guides
  • Butt
  • Hook keeper
  • Reel seat
  • Handle

However, a crankbait rod may differ in design, depending on the model and brand. What makes it different is the elasticity in the guides. The more sensitive they are, the slower they will be at pulling out bait, which will help improve your catch ratio. The best crankbait rods are designed in such a way that they create a delay effect.

The handle is naturally where you will hold the rod from. There is a variety in handles too. They come in short and long designs or split and pistol handle. The short handle is used for short-range casting, while long handles are used for longer ranges. Bass anglers usually use a split handle as it gives more control of the rod and helps keep the pole weight down with lighter baits.

Moving further, you will see a reel seat in the rod. This is where you slide your reel in and adjust it according to your cast.

Top 5 Best Crankbait Rods Reviews

To help you choose the best crankbait rods, we have reviewed the top 5 and made it easier for you to choose the one that suits your needs.

Lew’s Tournament Performance TP-1 Speed Stick Casting Rod

LEW'S FISHING Tournament Performance TP1 Speed Stick Series, Fishing Gear, Fishing Rod, Casting Rod, TP173MH-CB
  • FISHING ROD: Rod constructed from premium IM8 graphite one-piece blanks
  • LEW'S FISHING ROD: Features American Tackle Microwave Guide system. Eliminates wind knots, improves casting distance and improves casting accuracy
  • FISHING RODS: Includes LEW'S exclusive skeletal graphite reel seats and split-grip Dri-Tac handles by Winn Grip
  • CASTING ROD: Features Blue Winn handles and professional style hook keepers
  • FISHING GEAR AND ACCESSORIES: Includes LEW'S limited one year warranty

This rod is constructed with IM8 graphite blanks, which is the best material due to its lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on strength. It uses the American Tackle MicroWave Guide system, which tackles wind knots and enhances casting distance and accuracy. It comes in different lengths and sizes with a skeletal graphite reel seat.

It is light, strong and accurate. It is more durable than other rods, which makes it a must-have. The design provides a Dri-Tac grip handle made by Winn, which gives a good grip in all kinds of situations, even when your hands are wet. Hence, it is suitable for a fast-paced day as well as a relaxing day of fishing.

The rod has a medium-high and average power rating, which makes it ideal for novice anglers. Furthermore, it costs less than other rods and still offers excellent value.


  • Improves casting accuracy
  • Incredible sensitivity
  • Durable with a one-piece construction of blanks
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality reel seat


  • Not built for short-range casting
  • Graphite blank may not be as responsive as other rods

Dobyns Fury Series Casting Rod

Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 705CB Medium/Heavy Power Mod-Fast Action Crankbait Rod, 7'0", Black/Green
  • 7'0" Medium Heavy Mod Fast Action Crankbait Rod
  • 8-17 lb. test
  • 1/4-1 oz. lure weight
  • Recommended for Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, Sammys, Lipless Rattlebaits, LV500, Staycee 90

This rod is perfect for crankbait fishing. It has many options for sizes and lengths at an affordable price. It comes with high modulus graphite blanks, and its butt is made from high-quality Hypalon. Right on top is a Fuji reel seat. It has the features that most anglers demand in a crankbait rod, including Kevlar wrapping and AA-grade cork handle.

This bass fishing rod is great for anglers who want a lightweight and well-balanced fishing rod. It comes in medium-light, medium, and medium-heavy power ratings, so you can easily choose the one that best suits your needs.

It has great sensitivity and fast action, which is good for crankbait fishing. The major thing about this rod is that it is specially constructed for grass fishing which, as most fishers can agree, can be very frustrating. With its fast action, you can easily unhook the bait if it gets stuck in the grass.

Due to its Hypalon butt and cork grip handle, it is impossible to slip from your hands, even if your hands are wet.


  • Fast action
  • High sensitivity
  • Greater grip
  • High-quality material


  • Short rod butt
  • Reel seat threads are not good enough

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crankbait Rod

Wright and McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Crank Bait Rod
  • Highest quality angler gear for all types of fishers
  • Trusted for reliability, durability, and strength
  • Quality and field tested to ensure you can compete with the best
  • S-Curve blank construction for superior strength, lifting power, sensitivity and weight reduction.
  • Split handle design for weight reduction and improved balance.

This rod is made from S-glass, which consists of multiple layers that ensure durability and reliability. It has been designed in collaboration with Skeet Reese, the 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion. They made this rod by combining three layers of connective fiber using eco-friendly resin, giving it a rugged look.

It combines two of Wright and McGill’s most functional technologies to enhance its performance. These technologies are the Tri-Gressive S-Glass blank and the double trigger grip. The grip makes sure the rod is comfortable to hold, while the blank provides more strength and sensitivity.

The S-glass also increases the lifting power and makes the rod more sensitive while reducing the weight, resulting in better casting power.

Wright and McGill are known for its sturdy handles, which are why this model also has a molded rubber handle to enhance comfort.


  • Reliable
  • Durable and sensitive
  • Affordable
  • Handy in difficult situations
  • Better control with a firm grip
  • Lightweight


•    Handling lightweight bait can be difficult, but practice will make this easier

13 Fishing Omen Black 2 Crankbait Rod

13 Fishing Omen Black 2 Crankbait Rod, 7'9"
  • Composite 24Ton Toray Graphite with Japanese T-Glass
  • Alps Guides with Zirconia Inserts
  • Evolve Soft Touch Engage Reel Seat
  • Premium Portuguese Full Cork Handle
  • Custom Evolve Sang-less hook keeper

The 13 Fishing Omen Black 2 is the second addition to the Omen Black series. It is far more advanced and well-structured. The length of the rod is 14 inches, which is much longer than other crankbait rods. The handle is made from 3A Portuguese cork which is hand-selected. Hence, the handle is incredibly comfortable, easy to hold and stain-resistant.

The structure of the rod is well-balanced. The blanks are 30-ton Japanese Toray, which gives the rod a tighter graphite composition. The ALPS guides come with Zirconia inserts, which provide the rod a great sensitivity. Anglers also admire its hook keeper because, unlike other rods, it’s not bulky or snag and the hook stays in place unless you unhook it.

The rod comes in 2 sizes (7’9” and 7’). Both these options were made from 30-ton Japanese Toray graphite. Furthermore, the ALPS guides reduce friction to help you throw long casts, and the Portuguese cork handle makes long fishing trips more comfortable as it won’t cramp or cause forearm fatigue.


  • Different length options
  • Guides with Zirconia inserts
  • 3A Portuguese full cork handle
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable to use for long fishing trips
  • Sensitive
  • Snag-less hook keeper


•    Can be a little heavy to use

St. Croix Premier Crankbait Rod

St. Croix Premier Crankbait Rod, PC66MM
  • Premium-quality SCII graphite.
  • Outstanding strength, sensitivity and hook-setting power.
  • Finely tuned actions and tapers for superior performance.

This crankbait rod is made from high-quality SCII graphite, while the guides are Kigan Master Hand 3D with slim and strong aluminum-oxide rings and black frames. It also comes with a Fuji reel seat with a frosted silver hood. Then, there’s the high-quality cork handle, and the rod is coated with two coats of Flex-Coat.

It offers the perfect hook setting, making it the ultimate choice of crankbait anglers because the hook can be very frustrating to set. It also offers incredible sensitivity and great strength, which comes in handy if you get in a fight with reeling in your catch.

St. Croix has used its many years of experience in the construction of this rod to produce a crankbait rod that works as you would expect.


  • Great strength
  • Durable
  • The ergonomic grip makes the handle comfortable to use
  • Cranking accuracy
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Affordable price


•    No drawbacks so far

Factors to Consider When Buying Crankbait Rods

If you are going to spend money on something, you better spend it right. Do your homework before buying a crankbait rod as it can vary in features from brand to brand. You need to look thoroughly at every rod and decide which one will provide you the best experience. If you spend money on something that will make your fishing skills worse instead of complementing them, your money will go to waste.

Here are a few factors you should consider when buying a crankbait rod:


The position on the blank where it flexes determines the action of the rod. If it bends just close to or on the tip, this means the rod has a fast action. However, if the rod bends near the middle, it is moderate action, while bending near the butt will make it a slow action rod.

For bass fishing, fast or moderate action is usually preferred as it will allow you to improve the casting distance. It also provides more strength and sensitivity, allowing you to easily reel in strong fish.


Taper describes the thickness of the rod and the thickness of the wall of the blank. For crankbait fishing, a well-balanced taper is recommended as it will give more flexibility at the top and more strength at the bottom.

Rod Length

The length of the rod is a big deal in fishing as it will determine how much power you can use. A crankbait rod usually ranges from 6’6” to 8’. The length of the rod depends on your need. Generally, a longer length means you can cover more casting distance, which is why in crankbait fishing, it’s better to use a longer rod. You will be able to cover more range and have more control over the depth.

However, shorter rods have better casting accuracy, which is better when fighting a fish. They are also easy to carry. Hence, your priorities in fishing will determine which length will work best for you.


The strength of the line is measured with 6- and 30-pound tests. While a lighter line goes deeper and further, a heavier line provides more fighting power.

Lure Weight

Again, this depends on the type of fishing you are interested in. If you wish to fish in deeper water, a heavier crankbait is better, but if you are planning on fishing near grass, shallow crankbaits are your best bet.

Rod Material

The strength of the rod is also an important thing to consider. Of course, the length acts as a factor in determining the strength of the rod, but the material matters as well. Greater strength in a rod means a better experience as it allows anglers to go after strong fish.

Graphite or fiberglass are usually used to make fishing rods. More advanced anglers typically prefer graphite rods for their stiffness and fighting power. However, be aware that graphite may be more brittle than other options. Fiberglass is a more robust option, but the added strength adds weight. On the bright side, their sensitivity can make it much easier to pick up bites.

Fiberglass is more popular among bass anglers, as its durability and strength allow them to fight more aggressive species. Novice anglers can also benefit from it due to its limited maintenance and durability. Consider what skills and methods you choose while fishing and then select the rod that best suits you.

Reel Seat

When it comes to the reel seat, there is not much variety. Most anglers prefer a cutout of graphite seats that allow you to feel the blank. Reel seats that do not have a plastic cushion inside the metal hoods are usually used by the cheapest rods.

However, you need to make sure the seat will rust and stain the reel too soon. It can bind itself to the reel, making the removal of your reel difficult. Cheap rods, especially offshore ones, will have cardboard spacers between the reel seat and the rod blank that will dampen the vibration and can easily tear, especially when it gets wet. This result in the seat and reel rotating on the rod, which can be frustrating.


The durability of a rod is essential. Now that you have done your homework about what kind of reels and rods you want to get, you should also see if the rod you are spending so much money on is even worth all the money. If you buy a crankbait rod that you genuinely enjoy using and lasts for a long time, then your money is well spent!

crankbait rods for bass fishing


While making the list of all the pros and cons of crankbait rod you want to buy, don’t forget to consider the price. It is essential to be well aware of every little detail about your area of interest. Don’t end up buying something expensive to end up regretting it later.

Every angler needs to have the best crankbait rod. Casting accuracy, durability, strength, and sensitivity are all factors that you should check before purchasing a crankbait rod. For the best experience, bass anglers deserve to have the right rod and equipment, whether you are fishing in saltwater or freshwater.

Crankbaits can be used anywhere around bushes and stumps, near grass, or steep rocky banks. They are effective wherever there are ledges, bass, and wide shallow flats. If you want to fish in the depths, you should think about getting a deep diving lure that can reach the bottom of the water. However, if you’re a shallow angler, consider getting a medium or shallow crankbait that’s going to stay up.

I’ve covered almost every detail you need to know to select the best crankbait rods. There are no wrong choices; just the correct one that will serve you the best.


Q. How can I set up the equipment?

A. First, you need to get the proper equipment that will complement each other. For example, you should get a reel that will increase the strength of your rod and make it more sensitive. Then, start with connecting the rod to the reel. Once done, put the line on the reel, string the rod and finally, tie a knot around your bait using your line.

Q. How can I clean and maintain the equipment?

A. After you return from your fishing trip, unhook the equipment and separate everything. Clean the rod with rubbing alcohol as the water may make it rusty. Clean the bait as well and keep everything separately in the fishing box.

Q. How long will the crankbait rod last?

A. The exact answer depends on which rod you are buying. Every crankbait rod has a durability period.

Q. How can I clean the grips in wet weather?

A. Wet weather can make cleaning difficult. You will have to dry the grip with a soft, dry towel, but do not rub it or else it will get damaged. Have patience and clean it with care.

Q. If I buy a rod and it doesn’t match my expectations or does not go with my fishing expertise, can I return or exchange it?

A. It depends on where you buy it. There are a lot of websites that have a return and exchange policy to help you get your best one.

Q. If a rod is out of stock, but I want one, can I pre-order?

A. Again, it depends on the providers. Most websites will need your email ID and contact number so that when the next stock comes in, they will reserve one for you and inform you.

Q. Is the quality just as shown in the picture?

A. The quality may be a little different than shown in the picture. It can never be just the same, but the difference is very slight.

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