Best Braided Fishing Line to Buy in 2019

At times, we know it could be a trouble to deal with a big fish, especially if your fishing line are such a cheap one. Your line may be caught on rock, cause you fail to catch fish and left you nothing to show off from your fishing trip!

And that’s the reason why you need to find out and use a good quality of braided fishing line, to avoid wasting a whole day waiting on water, but just for catch nothing!

A good braided fishing line can perform greatly for both spinning reels and baitcasting fishing type. In this writing, we are going to offer you the best braided fishing lines with excellent powerful ones, no stretch and high strength!

The braided fishing line, is also called a Superlines, which may ring the bell to you. They seem to have lots of advantages over fluoro and mono lines but sometimes can be frustrating unless being used correctly.

braided fishing line

From my abundant experience with different styles of superlines and brands also, we would like to show you the 5 best superlines recommendation for both spinning reels and baitcaster:

If you’re searching for the best fishing line of your own, let’s give us few minutes, sit back, relax and read on this article. We are sure that you will get what you looking for!

What is the benefit of braided fishing line?

First of all, let take a break and learn more about braided fishing line and its advantages.

Basically, braided line is probably helpful in most fishing situation. In clear water, it creates a great main line tying a leader with your fluorocarbon line.

Whereas in stained waters, it is not necessary to tie a leader so your braid can act as an all-pan purpose line. Lastly, braid works perfectly for heavy cover fishing because of its no-stretch and tough characteristics.

Here are braid’s benefits that may surprise you:

Small Line Diameter

You will find on the braided line packaging two figures, something like “20/6”. What does this mean?

So it is 20lb test line aligned with the diameter of 6lb test, meaning this braid is usually a lot stronger than its mono and fluoro counterparts.

Longer Casting Distance

Braid can cast up to a mile. First, they are made from advanced fibers, which are advertised as “Dyneema”, “Spectra” and “Gore” fibers.

These fibers contain special substances that smoothen the braid and make it easy to handle. Together with smaller diameter, your line can help launch your baits effortlessly.

No Stretch/Sensitive

Usually, superlines have zero stretches virtually, resulting in an incredibly sensitive line that helps you detect your fishes better.

This characteristics differentiates superlines with monofilament since it sets the hook a lot faster and easier.

Tough & Durable

Braid is good for thick covers, something like brush, mats, rocks, boat docks and wood.

Since braid is tough, it can last long up to a whole season, or even better, you can save more by using a mono backer.

How does it work?

You did know what braided fishing line is and how great it could be. Now is time to discover how does it work!

braided line

In fact, you always have different choices such as monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided fishing line when it comes to any fishing adventures. The following shall explain why you should get a superline for best fishing experience.

1. For Jigging

So when talking about jigging, you probably think of cod, tuna, kingfish, grouper, striped bass, snapper, etc.

The diameter of braided fishing line is perfect for the jig to go all the way to bottom of the fish at fast pace and with ease, making it more enjoyable for the adventure.

2. For Deep Dropping

It is common sense that whether you are using an electric reel or manual, you still need a braid for dropping.

In this case, deep dropping means something go beyond 400 feet, therefore you definitely need a braided fishing line. It is strong enough to withstand without ripping.

I’m sure you are looking for a good catch of vermillion snapper, golden tilefish, mystic grouper, and so on.

3. For Site Casting

Using a braid for side casting is fun because it whizzes through the air and helps you stay worry-free of wind knots.

4. For Daytime Swordfishing

A braid is ideal for daytime swordfishing because it has no stretch and high sensitivity that immediately cut through the water and reach deep to 1500 feet. You are likely to catch a fortune then!

5. For Punching Grass

You really don’t want your line stuck on grass then a braided fishing line with thin diameter and great strength is what you should go for. Together with a good yank, you can go ahead with your fishing adventure.

6. For General Fishing

Braids have been on the market for longer than any other types and going on continued advancement. They are a bit costly but then the values of durability, casting, no stretch, ect make them all worth.

Full Reviews of 5 top-rated braided fishing lines

1.     Power Pro Spectra Fiber Line – Best For Longer Casts

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Line

The PowerPro Spectra comes in great package of a built-in cutter, a carbon tape covering the entire line and a spool.

Its length ranges from 150m to 3000m with very thin diameter of 0.005 to 0.035 inches. This product allows you to go to deep in the water and make the fishing so easy since you can reel really quick in the fish.

Also, its thin diameter and high-quality fibers make this product strong enough to carry regardless of how heavy the fish is.

This line can cut through and deep in the water no matter of the water condition. You shall be happy to cast accurately with this high-durable PowerPro Spectra.

The longer the fishing line, the more it costs.

Therefore, you need to understand your needs first before making the purchasing decision. The item also comes in many color options, making it easier for you to shop in regard to your preferences.

Since the fishing line is sharp and may cut you, be careful when handling a heavy load.

If you are not so sure, we recommend you go with an experienced fisher or watching as many tutorials as you can if going solo how to set the lind and tie the knot properly.


  • Varied in lengths.
  • Strong braided fiber.
  • Longer casts and no stretch.
  • High sensitive line
  • Excellent abrasion resistant for the better hold up.


  • The color wears out with time.
  • Difficult to untangle.

2.     KastKing SuperPower Line – Best For Excellent Tensile Strength

KastKing SuperPower Line

Their SuperPower is definitely one of the best product on the market for fishing experts and even beginners because it gives a better transition and flexibility with its available tools.

The product with a low memory that guarantees no backlash while casting and easy to handle thanks to its no stretch advantage.

It also comes in excellent design as it is made of polyethylene fiber to enhance durability. The design allows the knot is strong enough with an excellent abrasion resistance, resulting in a better chance of catching and a successful fishing day is expected on the way.

The KastKing SuperPower comes in different color choices for your preferences and various tensile strength from 10-150 pounds to choose from.

If you are looking for a superior hook and a likely-successful fishing day, then this is the must go!


  • Best choice for both experts and beginners
  • High durability.
  • Zero stretch; high sensitivity
  • Great design enhances the catch
  • Different color and tensile strength to choose from.


  • Slightly thicker than other  lines.
  • Lack of visibility

3.     SpiderWire Stealth Superline Line – Best For Spinning Reels

SpiderWire Stealth Superline Fishing Line

Spiderwire is a reputed brand in the industry for their high-quality braided fishing lines.

They even guarantee a 30% upgrade version for the next model. That’s why the Spiderwire Braided Stealth becomes a household choice, ideally for spinning reels.

The product comes in different color to choose from. A plus point about it is the Spiderwire applies the modern Color-Lock coating technology that keeps the color stay and last as long as it can, rather than fading like its counterparts.

The product is made of Dyneema PE Microfiber that allows a smooth and further casting.

It increases your catching ratio regardless of the water’s condition since the substance of flour polymer microfiber gives a really good strength to stand still without breaks.

Regarding the visibility, as mentioned above, the advanced coating technology allows the color to last and Spiderwire also offer color options for both high and low water visibility.

If you are going for low-visibility water, the Moss Green is your choice. In contrast, the Hi-Vis Yellow will do better for above-water visibility.

The model is easy to set up with high level of abrasion resistance which surely enhances its durability.


  • Straightforward setup.
  • Various color option any visibility in the water.
  • Excellent break strength.
  • Advanced coating technology for color to last.
  • Better casting and the best fishing line for spinning reels.


  • It breaks easily on rough water bodies.
  • It knots up easily.

4.     Berkley Fireline 300-Yard Fishing Line

Berkley Fireline 300-Yard Fishing Line

Are you looking for a super fishing line used for both salt and freshwater? We have a very well known one which is the best for all water conditions – the Berkley Fireline 300!

Its look is absolutely like any standard braid, but it has more fused lines with different and better texture which is able to use in all water conditions.

Furthermore, the Berkley Fireline also has a very strong knot which is able to handle all kind of fish, in any size and weight, and promise you no catch lost!

This means that the braided line is able to withstand any obstruction in the water and won’t never break free once it hooked on the line!

Indeed, with a super-thin diameter, the braided fishing line in general and the Berkley Fireline in particular is four times stronger than the normal monofilament one.

It means you will get the maximum sensitivity which ensure every bike, wave and tug will be felt from the water and you will successfully catch everything hooked onto your fishing line!

With the incredibly flexible, the Berkley Fireline can be used in any water form, for all types of fishing, from deep dropping in the creeks to general fishing in the deep seas. 


  • Durable and Easy to thread.
  • Maximum sensitivity for all types of water.
  • Incredibly flexibility for all forms of fishing.
  • Best fit for spinning reels.
  • Versatile fishing line.


  • Super-thin diameter which is a bit visible underwater; an cause fail to get a catch.
  • 300-yard fishing line which is may not ideal for deep water fishing.

5.     Piscifun Braided Fishing Line – Best Fishing Line For Saltwater

Piscifun Fishing Line

Piscifun Braided Fishing Line can ensure to meet your expectation in case a long-lasting and persistent fishing line is required.

Also, Piscifun Improved is there to provide you with incredibly durable braided fishing line as the newly introduced epoxy coating enhances the resistance and prevents the product from any physical impairment.

To maximize the durability, the heavy-duty fibre is employed, and knots can be tied quickly with a line of four strands.

The Piscifun Improved is free of backlash errors, and the fishing line is so highly resistant to abrasion that you can achieve the target in shorter time with higher chances of attracting more fish.

The braided fishing line is highly sensitive as it is of no stretch for any advanced performance.

To be specific, a small memory line is produced to let you quickly realize the point at which you can withdraw the fishing line out of the water.

There are different types of fibre strands, including the 4-strand with a 12lb-50lb tensile, and the 8-strand with a 65lb-150lb tensile.

The 8-strand fibre with enhancing knot strength is suitable for long-distance catches and tight wraps. Whatever the water conditions are, the strand give you a steady and smooth performance.

The Piscifun Improved offers an attractive monetary value and the product is of high quality as breakage issues are rare.

Its incredible performance gives a clear ground for its top ranking on Amazon, making it the unsurpassed braided fishing line on the current market.


  • Budget-friendly and well-liked with 150-547 yd length.
  • No stretch and a very sensitive fishing line
  • Long-lasting.
  • Best fit in the saltwater condition
  • Highly resistant to abrasion resistant thus damage-proof.


  • Not fit for old folks because of the lack of strength
  • Frequent uses can cause the colour to fade

How to choose the best braided fishing line

The braided fluorocarbon fishing lines that are monofilament are worth considering for an abundant catch.

Other types of fishing lines including fluorocarbon or monofilament exhibit the similar functions when grabbing an enormous amount of fish.

But a braided fishing line has many advantages over other types and is the key to a successful fishing day.

To know whether a braided fishing line could be the best choice, it is worth understanding the advantages the fishing line exhibits.

There are criteria for braided fishing line to the best choice as follows:

1. Outstanding durability

A braided fishing line is superior to every other monofilament or fluorocarbon ones. It is capable of reaching the deepest living fish in the ocean while rocks are less likely to harm it.

A strong fishing line to catch the deepest-dwelling fish, for example, the Pacific Brawlers, is necessary. And the best option is of no doubt the braided fishing line, the one that can effectively reach all hidden corners, making it possible to fish any deepest swimming species

2. Stretch-free Feature

The firm set of the braided fishing line is there to help you achieve an abundant haul of fish

The level of sensitivity of the braided fishing line is in line with the stretch-free characteristics. The more sensitive a fishing line can be to quickly catch fish, the lower of stretch level it has to be.

Thus, it easier to catch the huge swimming creatures with the ability to detect fish bites of the braided fishing line. It lets you know when the best time is to pull the line out from the sea.

3. Thinner Diameter

The smaller the width of the fishing line is, the better. Owning the feature with the light reels, the braided fishing line is of highly efficient in getting a haul of sizeable fish.

The braided fish line with its slim diameter feature is undoubtedly the best choice to extend the cast within a shot. It increases the catching opportunities in the hunt of the tarpon or gag grouper

An actual test in various aquatic conditions is worth launching to recognize the best brand of fishing line. While some are fit for saltwater fishing, others work well in soft water.

The online feedbacks or helps from fishing specialists at stores can provide you with more information and support.

It is advisable that you take a look at the eight leading brands of fishing line to select the one that offers best performance for different water conditions.

4. Abrasion Strength

Abrasion resistance is the ability of the fishing line to retain its integrity and form and minimize any physical damage from being dragged across the rough-surfaced underwater rocks

The braided fishing line is highly resistant to abrasion, thus remain durable in deep sea level and there is higher chance of heavy catch. This attribute allows the fishing lines not to break quickly; therefore, remain long-lasting.

braided line

5. Brand Color

Almost all braided fishing lines is highly visibly coloured compared to other types, so fish can spot them easily, increasing the likelihood of casting a good haul of fish

Yellow braided line is the best visible choice of colour. Plus, be sure to choose a brand of fishing line that has a low fading speed. Greater visibility of the fishing line leads to greater volume of fish.

A high-performing braided fishing line could be costly than other types but will give you a better use for longer term and reduce maintenance expense.

Last but no least, braid is great itself, but it will be more greater with much better performance if you pair it with right equipment. Give it a try with these below tips, we are sure that you may get surprise!

  1. The braid fibers itself is absolutely slippery, especially if you don’t grip in onto something. Thus, we suggest you to prepare a “braid ready” spool, secure its tag end with the spool’s side clip, and everything will be placed as it should be!
  2. Choose a proper size of line which well fit with the tackle’s weight you’ll be using.
  3. Over time, the color on superlines may fading out. So, don’t forget to re-color the faded line with permanent markers to refresh the color.

What is your pick?

Having the best braided fishing line is vital to satisfy your fishing passion.

With the reviews, it is simpler to choose an affordable and suitable fishing line. Thus, choose a product wisely by thoroughly researching the products information.

We truly hope that this article may give you some helps in choosing the best fishing line for yourself.

Thank you for coming to the end of the article. If you find it helpful, please make a comment and share it.

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